Malaysia Airlines Virtual Reaches 1000 Members


It is with great pleasure that I announce that Malaysia Virtual Airlines has reached 1000 members. After 4 years of operations we have reached this great milestone.  I have worked hard to bring MVA to where we are today. We have surpassed 17000 flights as well. Not many VA’s can say they reached 1000 pilots, but MVA has joined that club. We are not going to stop there though, we are going to strive for even more members, always going to improve what we offer.  Even though the real world airline has had two catastrophic crashes in recent months, we at MVA will always remember the two aircraft that have been lost, but most importantly will always remember the souls that were so tragically lost. May they all rest in peace. We will be holding a special event to mark the 1000th member, so stay tuned for more information on that event.

Daniel Counahan


Malaysia Virtual Airlines Launches New Website

Malaysia Virtual Airlines would like to announce the launch of its brand new web site. It has taken 3 weeks to complete. It also comes not long after the promo video was launched. . We at MVA believe that with this new look we will only get better and better. We are also starting weekly group flights. These will take place every Saturday at 13:00GMT. 20:00 in Malaysia.  To view the new site please visit This is all due to it being nearly 3 years since the start of MVA. We will also be reaching 10,000 flights this month, which is a huge milestone in the history of MVA. In August we will be celebrating 3 years of operations. It has been a great experience and am looking forward to continuing operations and other milestones in the years to come. We would also like to announce our partnership with Virtual One World, a place where VA’s can get together form partnerships, hold joint events/group flights, and further the links between our VA’s. We also would like to announce the partnership with Virtual Oasis Asia Airlines, this great VA based in Hong Kong is a superbly run VA, and we look forward to further cooperation in the future and joint events.

Daniel Counahan
CEO of Malaysia Virtual Airlines
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Malaysia Virtual Airlines Update

Since the start of MVA nearly two years ago, we have certainly grown a lot. We have added six Malaysian airlines to the VA, with all their schedules up to date. We are one of the biggest VA’s in Malaysia, and one of the biggest VA’s in South East Asia. With over 5000 pireps submitted since we started, and over 18,000 hours, and 6 million miles, we are going strong and show no sign of slowing down.

With Malaysian VACC coming soon, we will be positioned very well to expand further with new site add-ons and new aircraft, such as the mighty Airbus A380. MVA has now along with the real world counterpart started operations with the A380 on the Kuala Lumpur – London route.

We accept all new recruits, and offer them one of the friendliest VA’s on the net, and one of the best places to learn more about flying. With a dedicated team running MVA we are securing ourselves to be here for the long run. We have a TS server albeit down right now, but to return shortly, an easy to use forum, Malaysia Virtual Airlines is here for you. We will show you what MH truly means Malaysian Hospitality. To visit the site please go to

Daniel Counahan
CEO of Malaysia Virtual Airlines


Malaysia Virtual Airlines Turns One!

Malaysia Virtual Airlines is 1 year old this month.  Sing Malaysia Virtual Airlines happy birthday.  A lot has happened in the year of operations, we reached a very good milestone, 5000hours, and 2000 pireps.  As it is 1 year since ops began, all new pilots get a free 10 hours when they file their first pirep within August, and all current pilots will get double hours for their flights.  We are looking forward to the future, and hope all members and future members, a great time at Malaysia Virtual Airlines.

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Malaysia Virtual Now Hiring

Malaysia Virtual Airlines is now hiring staff!   The following positions are available:

Chief of Operations                      Hub managers
Vice CEO                                       Director of Technologies
Human Resources Manager           Assistant HR Manager
Assitant Hub Managers                 Head of Training
Assistant Training Manager

Here is a break down of the requirements for each:
Chief of Operations
- able to devote a minimum of 4 hours a week to MVA
- Knowledge of PHPVMS
- able to find the schedules for Malaysia Continue reading


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