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Malaysia Airlines Virtual Reaches 1000 Members


It is with great pleasure that I announce that Malaysia Virtual Airlines has reached 1000 members. After 4 years of operations we have reached this great milestone.  I have worked hard to bring MVA to where we are today. We have surpassed 17000 flights as well. Not many VA’s can say they reached 1000 pilots, but MVA has joined that club. We are not going to stop there though, we are going to strive for even more members, always going to improve what we offer.  Even though the real world airline has had two catastrophic crashes in recent months, we at MVA will always remember the two aircraft that have been lost, but most importantly will always remember the souls that were so tragically lost. May they all rest in peace. We will be holding a special event to mark the 1000th member, so stay tuned for more information on that event.

Daniel Counahan


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