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Kesuk Charters Reopens!

KesukNewsKesuk Charters has risen from the ashes of financial crisis to once again serve Alaska.

Fighting critical illness owner Lonnie Payuk thought he’d left the company in good hands, but after a year or so it became very clear previous management was in over its head.  Determined to not have Kesuk completely run to the ground Lonnie made the decision to close operations until good health was restored.   With the help of friends and family Kesuk has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix, better, renewed, with a bigger sense of purpose.

Armed with a new plan and a restored outlook on life Kesuk now needs you, the pilot to restart operations throughout our hubs in Alaska.  If you’re looking for a challenge, some of the most beautiful flying in the world and a great team then Kesuk Charters is the place for you!  Feel free to contact me personally with questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Remember,  there’s no pilot like a Bush Pilot!

Sign up today for killer bush flying in America’s last frontier at:

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Tell Lonnie VAFlash sent you! :)


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