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Kesuk Charters Reopens!

KesukNewsKesuk Charters has risen from the ashes of financial crisis to once again serve Alaska.

Fighting critical illness owner Lonnie Payuk thought he’d left the company in good hands, but after a year or so it became very clear previous management was in over its head.  Determined to not have Kesuk completely run to the ground Lonnie made the decision to close operations until good health was restored.   With the help of friends and family Kesuk has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix, better, renewed, with a bigger sense of purpose.

Armed with a new plan and a restored outlook on life Kesuk now needs you, the pilot to restart operations throughout our hubs in Alaska.  If you’re looking for a challenge, some of the most beautiful flying in the world and a great team then Kesuk Charters is the place for you!  Feel free to contact me personally with questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Remember,  there’s no pilot like a Bush Pilot!

Sign up today for killer bush flying in America’s last frontier at:

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Kesuk Charters Celebrates Three Years of Bush Flying!

Fairbanks, AK-Three years ago a start up cargo and passenger charter company sprung up out of what beautiful wilderness of Alaska. In the past three years we have watched Kesuk Charters develop into one of the most economically viable companies in Alaska. When we caught up with owner, Roger Bates, at Fairbanks International yesterday he was quoted as saying, “I never in my wildest dreams believed Kesuk would have grown and become as successful and diverse as it has today, three years wow!”

In the past three years Kesuk has serviced the many rural areas that exist in our beautiful state with the highest safety and business rating. Mr. Bates attributes this to the professionalism and attentiveness of all his employees. In the last three years, Kesuk has evolved from a small company to a company that keeps the rural small community economies stable or growing.

Although this is a great day for Kesuk to celebrate its glorious past, Mr. Bates, makes it a clear point that the future is bright for Kesuk because of that celebrated past. Kesuk. “I feel our brightest days are the days coming in the future” said Mr. Bates. When asked to elaborate, he left the future open to anything, because that’s the founding ideal behind Kesuk.

If you’re looking for a different and challenging VA experience, Kesuk may be for you. Kesuk’s pilots are held accountable for fuel, researching flights and finances as they would be in the real world, this is why Kesuk isn’t for everyone. With that being said Kesuk is also all about fun, how many VA’s can say they have charters that require a pilot to land on the road? We can! And it’s legal in Alaska! Come check us out! Whether you have a main VA or not; Kesuk is great as a main or a secondary VA to escape the heavies for a return simpler yet challenging flying in the beautiful backdrop that is Alaska!

Visit Kesuk Virtual online at: .  Tell them VAFlash sent you!


Kesuk Charters Hires Director of Operations

Fairbanks, AK – Kesuk Charters is proud to announce that Ethan Gura has filled their Director of Operations position!

Ethan has been an avid flight simmer since 1999. In 2006 Ethan joined VATSIM, and since then has flown nearly 2000 hours online, controlled as a tower controller, and held multiple management positions with virtual airlines.  From Hub Manager to Training Director, and Chief Operating Officer, he brings the necessary experience to Kesuk Charters as Director of Operations.  Continue reading


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