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Virtual United States Space Program (VUSSP) Reopening Date Set

VUSSP_Logo(Cape Canaveral, FL)  After being closed for over 9 years, the Virtual United States Space Program, also known as VUSSP, has set a date for its grand opening and the re-launch of its original website.  Founded in 2001 by Kayamone Sutton, VUSSP stood as the second largest and second longest running virtual space agency in the virtual industry.

At the agencies peak, VUSSP boasted over 150 members world-wide, and conducted over 100 unmanned missions, and over 20 manned missions, which included the establishment of a permanent earth orbiting manned space station.  VUSSP missions were broadcast with live audio and video for general public viewing.  VUSSP operates on both the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Orbiter Sim platforms to conducts air and spaceflight operations.  While no plans are currently underway as to the focus of its spaceflight operations, VUSSP is actively recruiting individuals interested in heading the organization.  VUSSP Executive Director added these remarks: “VUSSP was the type of organization where creativity and imagination was harnessed and put into action and that will continue to be this organization’s primary focus.  We placed importance on recruiting members who have dreams that reach beyond the skies and allowing them to put their dreams to the test in a way that is both educational, fun, and inspiring for members of all ages.”

The grand opening of VUSSP and re-launch of the VUSSP website has been set for Tuesday June 30, 2015 at 1:00pm.  A count-down to grand opening has been placed on VUSSP’s website, which can be located at

Individuals interested in inquiring about leadership positions within VUSSP prior to the grand opening are urged to email Mr. Sutton at Continue reading


Kesuk Charters Reopens!

KesukNewsKesuk Charters has risen from the ashes of financial crisis to once again serve Alaska.

Fighting critical illness owner Lonnie Payuk thought he’d left the company in good hands, but after a year or so it became very clear previous management was in over its head.  Determined to not have Kesuk completely run to the ground Lonnie made the decision to close operations until good health was restored.   With the help of friends and family Kesuk has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix, better, renewed, with a bigger sense of purpose.

Armed with a new plan and a restored outlook on life Kesuk now needs you, the pilot to restart operations throughout our hubs in Alaska.  If you’re looking for a challenge, some of the most beautiful flying in the world and a great team then Kesuk Charters is the place for you!  Feel free to contact me personally with questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Remember,  there’s no pilot like a Bush Pilot!

Sign up today for killer bush flying in America’s last frontier at:

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Tell Lonnie VAFlash sent you! :)


Air Fresno to Reopen

In May of 2012 Air Fresno entered Chapter 13 bankruptcy due to a decline of its customer base and the airlines parent company over extending itself on other projects. Over the next few months all other projects under McKay Virtual Aviation’s management were cancelled and existing projects were closed. With a totally clean slate work began on the most economical launch of Air Fresno for the fall of 2013, using the available remaining staff and specific flights that were popular with the airline since its initial launching in March, 1998. Considerations were made to incorporate many new expectations regarding fleet choices as well, with a payware regional aircraft still being the choice of those who expressed a preference.

Currently Air Fresno is expected to return to operational status in mid to late November, it is seeking exemptions from 14 CFR Part 139 restrictions so that it may move its operations from Fresno-Yosemite International (FAT) to the downtown Continue reading


Announcing the Grand Re-Opening Of Alaska Virtual Airlines

Alaska Virtual Airlines has unveiled its brand new web site and ACARS program, titled “Alaska 4.0.” We have worked very hard over the past few months to create this unique and spectacular new system, all for the pilots. This was all done by our very own in-house developers. Since Alaska Virtual Airlines is the largest and most realistic Alaska VA, we decided it was time to upgrade and offer our pilots even more ways to interact and fly.

Our web site has taken on a completely new look, with a modern and streamlined design. Pilots will be able to interact more smoothly and efficiently, and navigating the web site has become easier. With AlaskACARS 4.0, We’ve completely overhauled our system from scratch. Pilots will enjoy our new features, such as the brand new pilot dashboard with personal and VA-wide statistics, flight bidding, and our innovative flight tracking design. All of these features, and more, have their own personal tabs that pilots can easily navigate at any stage of their flight.

We offer each pilot:

  • Realistic Operations involving ACARS Integration and Optional Flight Lines
  • An active and friendly community
  • Great flights, and an intense desire for realism
  • Challenging terrain and weather conditions to increase pilot skills
  • Flights to over 115 destinations
  • Support for X-Plane 9 Pilots
  • A fully staffed Continue reading

FedEx Virtual Airlines Opening – Employment Opportunities Available

FedEx Virtual Airlines announced that they will be beginning operations: effective immediately. Along with this opening comes a variety of employment opportunities. Please read below to find out more information.

Mission Statement:
FedEx Virtual Airlines provides a professional and fun environment that aims at constantly attracting and retaining a diverse group of individuals within the flight simulation community. We do this by continuously making strides to offer the best possible experience to our members.

Employment Opportunities:
At this time FedEx Virtual Airlines is searching for dedicated individuals to fill crew member vacancies. FedEx Virtual Airlines consists of a diverse group of flight simulator enthusiasts. Boasting an expansive fleet and destinations across the globe, there is something for everyone. Please visit for more information.

Along with the current crew member vacancies FedEx Virtual Airlines is looking for dedicated individuals to join the FedEx VA corporate offices. Various corporate staff positions are available and applications are currently being accepted. To learn more about the current staff vacancies visit


Air Fresno Pushes Back Re-Opening Until End of January

Just a week after announcing it’s January reopening Air Fresno is pushing back the start of operations until closer to the end of the month. This is to give the airline time to find suitable replacements for the CRJ-700 regional jets it was using, replacements that will once again allow Air Fresno to provide service to some of it’s more popular destinations. “The CRJ’s are wholly unsuitable for the Runway 36 approach into South Lake Tahoe, we are determined to find a jet aircraft capable of meeting the service demands for that facility”. Air Fresno CEO Peter McKay said that the airline is working with the FAA to obtain a similar steep approach rating that the EASA has given the Airbus A318 in Europe with the intention of employing one here in the states. “The Runway 36 approach does initially exceed the 5.5 degree limit that the EASA placed on the A318 in Steep Approach Mode, however the last several miles of that approach are within the aircraft capabilities”. Demonstration flights into TVL have been delayed by weather, the approach tests must be done first in fair weather before acceptance can be granted. There is no ILS approach for the R36 approach, but McKay stated that prevailing winds generally allow landings on Runway 18, which does have a limited ILS approach. “It’s not just TVL we’re looking at but a whole host of other noise sensitive airports where the A318 and possibly the A320 could be placed in service”.


Air Fresno to Reopen in Mid January

After a 10 month closure, necessary due to real-world time constraints, Air Fresno will be reopening it’s doors in mid January.  The small California based regional airline that originally opened in 1998 has suffered several closures over the years because of the lack of time needed for updates and operations.  However, airline CEO Pete McKay states that now is the best time to reopen the airline.  “There has been a decline in interest in the hobby as a whole, but I feel that there is still a place for a simple, basic requirement virtual airline to exist among all the technically challenging ones.”  Air Fresno picked up where it left off and completed the livery and fleet changed it initially began in February, 2010, when the airline was closed due to lack of time.  “All of the remaining staffers except one have agreed to return, operations have already begun.”  The airline, which won a number of awards in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s keeps it’s operations simple, and there are no entrance exams.


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