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Air Fresno Pushes Back Re-Opening Until End of January

Just a week after announcing it’s January reopening Air Fresno is pushing back the start of operations until closer to the end of the month. This is to give the airline time to find suitable replacements for the CRJ-700 regional jets it was using, replacements that will once again allow Air Fresno to provide service to some of it’s more popular destinations. “The CRJ’s are wholly unsuitable for the Runway 36 approach into South Lake Tahoe, we are determined to find a jet aircraft capable of meeting the service demands for that facility”. Air Fresno CEO Peter McKay said that the airline is working with the FAA to obtain a similar steep approach rating that the EASA has given the Airbus A318 in Europe with the intention of employing one here in the states. “The Runway 36 approach does initially exceed the 5.5 degree limit that the EASA placed on the A318 in Steep Approach Mode, however the last several miles of that approach are within the aircraft capabilities”. Demonstration flights into TVL have been delayed by weather, the approach tests must be done first in fair weather before acceptance can be granted. There is no ILS approach for the R36 approach, but McKay stated that prevailing winds generally allow landings on Runway 18, which does have a limited ILS approach. “It’s not just TVL we’re looking at but a whole host of other noise sensitive airports where the A318 and possibly the A320 could be placed in service”.


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