Air Fresno to Reopen in Mid January

After a 10 month closure, necessary due to real-world time constraints, Air Fresno will be reopening it’s doors in mid January.  The small California based regional airline that originally opened in 1998 has suffered several closures over the years because of the lack of time needed for updates and operations.  However, airline CEO Pete McKay states that now is the best time to reopen the airline.  “There has been a decline in interest in the hobby as a whole, but I feel that there is still a place for a simple, basic requirement virtual airline to exist among all the technically challenging ones.”  Air Fresno picked up where it left off and completed the livery and fleet changed it initially began in February, 2010, when the airline was closed due to lack of time.  “All of the remaining staffers except one have agreed to return, operations have already begun.”  The airline, which won a number of awards in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s keeps it’s operations simple, and there are no entrance exams.


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