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Announcing the Grand Re-Opening Of Alaska Virtual Airlines

Alaska Virtual Airlines has unveiled its brand new web site and ACARS program, titled “Alaska 4.0.” We have worked very hard over the past few months to create this unique and spectacular new system, all for the pilots. This was all done by our very own in-house developers. Since Alaska Virtual Airlines is the largest and most realistic Alaska VA, we decided it was time to upgrade and offer our pilots even more ways to interact and fly.

Our web site has taken on a completely new look, with a modern and streamlined design. Pilots will be able to interact more smoothly and efficiently, and navigating the web site has become easier. With AlaskACARS 4.0, We’ve completely overhauled our system from scratch. Pilots will enjoy our new features, such as the brand new pilot dashboard with personal and VA-wide statistics, flight bidding, and our innovative flight tracking design. All of these features, and more, have their own personal tabs that pilots can easily navigate at any stage of their flight.

We offer each pilot:

  • Realistic Operations involving ACARS Integration and Optional Flight Lines
  • An active and friendly community
  • Great flights, and an intense desire for realism
  • Challenging terrain and weather conditions to increase pilot skills
  • Flights to over 115 destinations
  • Support for X-Plane 9 Pilots
  • A fully staffed Continue reading

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