Malaysia Virtual Airlines Launches New Website

Malaysia Virtual Airlines would like to announce the launch of its brand new web site. It has taken 3 weeks to complete. It also comes not long after the promo video was launched. . We at MVA believe that with this new look we will only get better and better. We are also starting weekly group flights. These will take place every Saturday at 13:00GMT. 20:00 in Malaysia.  To view the new site please visit This is all due to it being nearly 3 years since the start of MVA. We will also be reaching 10,000 flights this month, which is a huge milestone in the history of MVA. In August we will be celebrating 3 years of operations. It has been a great experience and am looking forward to continuing operations and other milestones in the years to come. We would also like to announce our partnership with Virtual One World, a place where VA’s can get together form partnerships, hold joint events/group flights, and further the links between our VA’s. We also would like to announce the partnership with Virtual Oasis Asia Airlines, this great VA based in Hong Kong is a superbly run VA, and we look forward to further cooperation in the future and joint events.

Daniel Counahan
CEO of Malaysia Virtual Airlines


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