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Fly UK Operations Update

flyukThere are some new exciting changes just around the corner at Fly UK! As the Summer months draw upon us we’d like to let you know about a few operational changes and a series of route expansions that will give you even more choice.

Codeshare Status:

It has been 6 months since we started our historic codeshare agreement with MetroAir, we’re not quite sure where the time has gone; what we do know however, is that the agreement has been incredibly popular for both groups of pilots. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that the codeshare agreement will continue. This continuation has seen the introduction of some new flights from a variety of MetroAir bases. The Embraer fans amongst us will also be pleased to hear that a selection of E170 flights have been added to our selection.

So what can you expect from our continued partnership with MetroAir? As previously stated, we have introduced the Embraer into the schedules, increased the number of daily Dash 8 Q400 flights and built on the already existing Airbus A319 flights, this will lead to a selection of flights available from a variety of Metro’s hubs and focus cities including flights to Detroit, Tampa, Charlotte, Sint Maarten and Honolulu but to name a few. We also have access to flights in the new Airbus A330-300!

The new codeshare schedule will be available from the 1st June.

Highland Connection Update:

We’re taking the connection out of the Highlands this Summer as we’re pleased to announce that Highland Connection (operated by Fly UK) has been awarded a contract by the Scilly Islands Travel Commission to Continue reading


GB Airlines and Legion Air Announce Codeshare Agreement


GB Airlines and Legion Air VA have today signed a codeshare agreement.
Pilots of both airlines can now fly flights within Europe and the USA.

“This is great opportunity for the Airline industry and for connecting flights for our passengers who want to travel to the US” said GB Airlines CEO Matt Smith.

Tyson Dohrer CEO of Legion Air said “Legion fly within the US and also on to Europe, Our passengers can
now easily arrange connecting flights with Europe and the UK thanks to this codeshare”



MetroAir Virtual Airlines and Fly UK Virtual Airways Announce Historic Partnership

KANSAS CITY, MO - MetroAir Virtual Airlines and Fly UK Virtual Airways announced today a historic codeshare arrangement. Beginning December 1st, 2014, pilots of each airline will have the opportunity to fly select flights in the partner airline’s route network.

MetroAir pilots will have the ability to fly 30 Fly UK routes using Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-300, and Boeing 747-400 aircraft from Fly UK’s London Heathrow and Manchester hubs. Fly UK pilots will be able to fly Airbus A319 and Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 aircraft on select routes throughout the United States. Pilots of each airline will not be required to join the roster of the codeshare airline to fly the codeshare flights. However, pilots are encouraged to join each others airlines to experience additional routes and aircraft offerings, as long as minimum flight requirements are met for both airlines. Codeshare flights will be duplicated in each airlines’ database under a reserved codeshare flight number. A complete list of active codeshare flights can be found on the Codeshare tab of each airlines Operations pages. Aircraft models and Continue reading


GB Airlines and Crossair Virtual Join Forces


GB Airlines and Crossair Virtual have today signed an agreement for a codeshare partnership.

Both Airlines have said that this is a great opportunity for the air travel industry.

This will help passengers in saving money and also traveling further with connecting flights from both airlines.

Ohio Express Airlines Announces New site and Codeshare

Columbus, OH— On November 16, 2012, we launched our new site at In addition Ohio express has brought back their Express miles program. Express Miles give pilots the ability to earn “cash miles” when they fly. Depending on what they accomplish during the flight and how they fly their leg and etc. pilots will earn cash and they will be able to redeem in their pilot center. Pilots will be able to purchase houses, cars, and all kinds of different items to add to their homes and recreational needs.

More exciting news also released, Ohio Express  agreed to a codeshare agreement with Pan-Am Virtual which will allows OEX pilots to fly all over the U.S operating on their carrier while Pan-Am  pilots fly on Ohio express legs. This allows our regional pilots a chance to step out and fly bigger planes if they want, and vice versa, it allows Pan-am to step into a smaller plane; in the meanwhile building a great camaraderie of pilots and a close nit airline as a whole.


Your Perception Virtual Airlines – Your Gateway to the Middle East

Amsterdam – Today we announce a codesharing partnership with Arabian VA (ARB) on the flights from/to Dubai. All flights will be operated by Your Perception’s B763.

The new partnership could strengthen the Your Perception – Arabian relationship, and connects European passengers with the Middle East.
YPV intends to do everything to satisfy its passenger’s needs with advanced Global One inflight entertainment, inflight meals with Continue reading


Eagle Wings Announces Codeshare With Ecuatoriana de Aviacion S.A. and Rainbow Express Air

After a period of talks between our companys we are proud to announce that Eagle Wings has entered into a codeshare agreement with Ecuatoriana de Aviacion S.A. and Rainbow Express Air. This codeshare agreement will allow Eagle Wings pilots and passangers to use Ecuatoriana and Rainbow Express flights to get to their destinations inside Ecuador and USA, and also has a reciprocal status for Ecuatoriana and Rainbow pilots and passengers. Continue reading


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