Ohio Express Airlines Announces New site and Codeshare

Columbus, OH— On November 16, 2012, we launched our new site at In addition Ohio express has brought back their Express miles program. Express Miles give pilots the ability to earn “cash miles” when they fly. Depending on what they accomplish during the flight and how they fly their leg and etc. pilots will earn cash and they will be able to redeem in their pilot center. Pilots will be able to purchase houses, cars, and all kinds of different items to add to their homes and recreational needs.

More exciting news also released, Ohio Express  agreed to a codeshare agreement with Pan-Am Virtual which will allows OEX pilots to fly all over the U.S operating on their carrier while Pan-Am  pilots fly on Ohio express legs. This allows our regional pilots a chance to step out and fly bigger planes if they want, and vice versa, it allows Pan-am to step into a smaller plane; in the meanwhile building a great camaraderie of pilots and a close nit airline as a whole.


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