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TNT Virtual Airways Launches New Website

TNT Virtual Airways would like to announce the start of their revised website. CEO, Joeri Luckermans would like to invite all to come and join our pilots in flight. We offer a relaxed atmosphere for all pilots of every country. We have a friendly atmosphere that most Virtual Airline don’t offer. We have made our web site user friendly. So come and see what we are all about. If you have been looking for a home base to fly from, look no further. So come and strap into one of our planes or bring your own and lets enjoy the skies together.

Visit TNT Virtual Airways online at:


New VAFlash Website Launched!

As you may have noticed, we have finally got around to rebranding our website.  While I would not consider this new design “complete”, I thought it made sense to just go ahead and change the site before the new year.  It’s already been a year and a month since I announced the the website rebranding!  Many things contributed to the postponement of the redesign but, I am glad that it’s finally started.  I believe the new design will assist us with branching out to do reviews, editorials, and to better serve the Flight Sim Community as a whole.

I hope you like what I’ve come up with, I’m certainly not a professional designer!  I wanted to keep it simple yet more functional with more space dedicated to news and future content.  Thanks to all our readers and the virtual airlines who post on VAFlash!  I hope each and every one of you, your pilots, and staff have a very successful and productive new year!

Best Regards,
Lindle Romero


Eastern Airlines Virtual Launches Redesigned Website

Eastern Airlines Virtual is proud to announce a newly redesigned website. As EAV approaches 13 years of operations we continue to bring new technology to its pilots making it easier than ever to fly with us. Features on the new website include a user friendly interface that is easier to navigate, live chat, integrated forums and much more.

Other benefits of Eastern Airlines Virtual include:

·         Ventrillo Channel
·         New and Classic paint schemes
·         10 hubs in the North America and Europe
·         Family oriented and friendly atmosphere
·         Almost 13 years of operation
·         Friendly and knowledgeable management team

To learn more or join visit us at:


Website Status and Site Rebranding

  I wanted to take the time to thank all who have wished me well on my surgery in comments and all the emails I have received.  They were definitely appreciated and helped keep my spirits high during my recovery.  My recovery took longer than anticipated but my arm is much better. :)   Thanks to everyone for their patience and support during my downtime..

Now for the real news of the day!  As you can see from the logo above, VAFlash will be undergoing a transformation of sorts.  The whole site will be redesigned and launched within a couple/few weeks.  I will also be expanding the VaFlash staff from one to many!  In addition to expanding beyond a one man shop, we will also be expanding VAFlash to include hardware and software reviews, editorials, and basically everything and anything related to Flight Simulation.  This has been in the plans for quite some time but was delayed due to multiple reasons.

Look for more information to come within the following days and weeks! :)

Best Regards,
Lindle Romero


Hawaiian Virtual Airlines Launches New Website

Hawaiian Virtual Airlines launched the much anticipated new website to better serve its community.  The new website,  a result of over 6 years of experience, is designed to be user friendly while incorporating most up to date technologies.

Hawaiian Virtual Airlines is a virtual airline community aimed at advanced flight simulator enthusiasts and fans of the real world Hawaiian Airlines offering a simulation of the operations of the real world Hawaiian airlines. We are currently supporting Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 9 and X.

We pride ourselves in our advanced systems, such as ACARS, weight and balance, aircraft routing, type ratings and much more. We offer a level of realism yet to be matched by other VA’s. Continue reading


Flock-Air Relaunches Website

Flock-Air proudly anounces that we have just before our 2nd company Birthday in Spring relaunched our Website, its still under development but it provides much more service, a more professional look n feel and helps due to splitted sections for our new members, viewers and people who are interested also in other business Unites the Flock-Air Group provides e.g. Software.

Many thanks and we hope you like the new Home base we have on the Internet now. Continue reading


InterContinental Airways Launches New Website

InterContinental Airways launched the much anticipated new website to better serve its community.  The new website,  a result of over 6 years of experience, is designed to be user friendly while incorporating most up to date technologies. 

InterContinental Airways is a virtual airline community aimed at advanced flight simulator enthusiasts. InterContinental’s fleet is composed by both payware and freeware, highly realistic models from publishers like Level-D, Precision Manuals, Wilcopub, Feelthere, Project OpenSky and others. We are curently supporting Microsoft’s Fligth Simulator 9 and X. Continue reading


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