InterContinental Airways Launches New Website

InterContinental Airways launched the much anticipated new website to better serve its community.  The new website,  a result of over 6 years of experience, is designed to be user friendly while incorporating most up to date technologies. 

InterContinental Airways is a virtual airline community aimed at advanced flight simulator enthusiasts. InterContinental’s fleet is composed by both payware and freeware, highly realistic models from publishers like Level-D, Precision Manuals, Wilcopub, Feelthere, Project OpenSky and others. We are curently supporting Microsoft’s Fligth Simulator 9 and X.

We pride ourself in our advanced systems, such as ACARS, weight and balance, aircraft routing, type ratings and much more. We offer a level of realism yet to be matched by other VA’s. interContinental Airways will give you access to a growing number of flights from our worldwide codeshare partner program. Currently there are over 2000 daily departures.

Visit us at :


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