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TNT Virtual Airways is Looking For Help From Pilots

TNT Virtual Airways has announced that they’re looking for help from people within their pilot-base.  Firstly their looking for volunteers who are proficient in graphic design.  Someone who could possibly assist them with creating awards images in the following formats; jpg,png,bmp, etc.  They need the help to add other awards and ‘specials’ to their website. Please contact Joeri for further info about this opportunity!

Also, they would like to ‘delegate’ some jobs  to do for TNT-Virtual.
They have announced the following vacancies as ‘Staff-Member’ :

  • Web Designer
    o   This function is meant for someone who keeps the website up-to-date and makes the nessessary adjustments (about lay-out and contents) on the website.
    o   Monitoring other sites can be a help
    o   You can ask Joeri (CEO) about the needed software, etc
  • Flight Operations Manager
    o   The main task is to keep our ‘VA-Flight-Schedules’ up to date with the schedules of our ‘Parent-Company’.
    o   On regular base, OPS will correct, adjust, remove, add, … routes and plans in our database so we can fly the real TNT-routes.
    o   Once again, Joeri (CEO) is the victim where you can get further info about the needed software, goodies, links, etc.

As Joeri stated: “Our intention is to divert some tasks to the members of ‘TNT Virtual Airways’. And the one and only reason we are delegating is , If You Do It, You Feel Committed.”

Visit them at:


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