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itAli Airlines Virtual Joins Aeolus Alliance!



Whether you’re going to Pisa for pizza, Fashion in Milan or just want that early morning coffee in Rome you can always call on ItAli Airlines Virtual to provide the best service all all over Italy and also Europe.

If you like flying older planes like the METRO III than this is the place to be. ItAli Airlines Virtual Provides a great fleet base which includes older and also newer planes like the Sukhoi Superjet 100
(Currently on delivery) (For more fleet information please visit the ItAli Airlines Virtual Page).

ItAli Airlines Virtual there are no boundaries to be successful. Work from second First officer to instructor and enjoy the fun of flying over the Alps in a DC-9.

ItAli Airlines Virtual also has a couple of subsidiaries as well with them and they operate flights in Spain as well and if that’s not enough then why not try out some of the tours they offer.

We are glad that ItAli Airlines Virtual have chosen to be Continue reading


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