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SparkJet Virtual Celebrates First Month of Operations, Still Accepting Applications!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — SparkJet ‘s executives and Crew Members celebrated yesterday the successful completion of the first month of operations. “We currently have 19 pilots, have logged over 118 flights adding up to over 291 hours and covering over 95,000 miles. The first month saw SparkJet finances in the black with over a million dollars in revenue for the month of February” said SparkJet CEO Zeke Elias. While there are many more plans in the work behind the scenes at SparkJet headquarters, the management is very secretive about the future strategies for SparkJet, as of last week though a rumor of services to Faa’a International Airport (ICAO: NTAA) in Tahiti has been “lying around the offices and management keeps talking about “Paradise” yet management took a trip to Montreal, Quebec, Canada for undisclosed reasons.

In the meantime, SparkJet is still accepting applications for First Officers, if you’re interested please apply at

Happy Flying! Congratulations SparkJet!

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SparkJet Virtual Announces Acquisition and New Flights!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — SparkJet Virtual has announced the acquisition of Pacific Blue Virtual during their press conference in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, February 15th, 2013. The acquisition is great for SparkJet since both airlines shared a very similar fleet and business model; the most important factor of the acquisition is that it allows SparkJet to expand to markets they had not been able to serve. With the acquisition SparkJet is planning to introduce about 20 frames, at a rate of two per month and is looking at new focus cities around the country.
“Initially only five aircraft, a JS41, two A320’s and two B738’s will be joining the fleet after being retrofitted with the SparkJet product” said SparkJet CEO Zeke Elias. We are adding new destinations that we were not able to previously serve due to fleet constraints.

The new frequencies being added are as follows:

From KABQ:
Portland International Airport (ICAO: KPDX)                                                   Once Daily
General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport (ICAO: KBOS) Twice Daily
Lambert-St Louis International Airport (ICAO: KSTL)                                   Once Daily
Toronto Pearson International Airport (ICAO: CYYZ)                                  Once Daily

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SparkJet Virtual Open for Business!

– SparkJet Virtual is now accepting application for Crew Members that meet the minimum qualifications. “It is a great day for SparkJet Virtual and the customers in all of the different cities we serve” said CEO Zeke Elias prior to boarding SPK151 from Albuquerque, NM to Fort Lauderdale, FL operated by a Boeing 737-800. SparkJet has many expansion plans and hopes to become the most realistic and recognized virtual airline in the industry through it’s state-of-the-art dispatch center, simulated financials and prior knowledge of the industry. SparkJet is currently also working on VATSIM Certification and becoming an Authorized Training Organization and should have the program available for it’s crew members in a matter of weeks.

If you’re interested in learning more about SparkJet and becoming a crew member go here and click on Careers, your SparkJet future awaits you!

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SparkJet Virtual Airline (ICAO: SPK, IATA: SK, Call-Sign: Spark) operates as an FAA part 121 scheduled air carrier serving leisure and business destinations out of our Fort Lauderdale International Airport (ICAO: KFLL) and Albuquerque International Airport (ICAO: KABQ) hubs along with on-demand charter services throughout the globe. SparkJet currently operates a fleet of 35 aircraft consisting of Continue reading


SparkJet Virtual Airlines Set to Open Doors Feb. 1st

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, — SparkJet Virtual CEO Zeke Elias has announced that SparkJet will be opening it’s doors and accepting applications starting on February 1st, 2013. “We’ve been hard at work for the past year to make this possible, all the aircraft are ready, the manuals are all approved by the FAA and we have received permission from the DOT for our current and future expansion routes. We are bringing a new Spark into the virtual skies and we are sure our customers and employees will love it!” said Mr. Elias when interviewed about the upcoming opening.

SparkJet Virtual will accept applications for both Crew Members and Staff Positions starting February 1st and encourages everyone who is interested to take a look at their Careers page. SparkJet Virtual aims to become a leading Virtual Airline through their sophisticated ACARS system, realistic Dispatch Operations Center, simulated financials and the experience of the management team which consists of real-life pilots with inside knowledge of the airline industry.

“This is a great new era for Virtual Airlines, We hope we Spark your imagination!” said Mr. Elias after encouraging any questions or comments to his personal email “We have an open-door policy and would love everyone and anyone to tell us what they think”

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About SparkJet:
SparkJet Virtual Airline (ICAO: SPK, IATA: SK, Call-Sign: Spark) operates as an FAA part 121 scheduled air carrier serving leisure and Continue reading


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