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Caal Airways Introduces A Major Expansion


Caal Airways has gone through a major expansion. We now have a Hub in every Continent. Europe has hubs at EGAA, EIDW, EGPF, EGGW and EDDM. N America has a Hub at KIAH. S America has a Hub at SBGL. Asia has Hubs at RJTT, VTBS and ZBAA. Africa/Middle East has a hub at OMDB and last but by no means least Australia YSSY. Each Region has an Ops Manager apart from S America where one will be appointed soon. We hope that this will attract a more world based pilot roster.

We have also introduced a more modern and up to date website and changed the look of our forum. We still are a relaxed airline and as we understand real life has a habit of getting in the way of our beloved hobby, so all we ask is you fly whenever you can. The tour database has been cleared and our OP’s Managers will be introducing some new tours.

We have 3 flight tracking systems. We use IPS for online Vatsim flights which Continue reading


Caal Airways is Expanding into the Asia-Pacific Region


Caal Airways is an online based virtual airline community of pilots. Caalair is a one of the leading virtual airlines in the European region of the world and we invite you to join our virtual airline. As we are one of the world’s leading virtual airlines, our staff are willing to assist you and to make your virtual airline and flight simulation experience the best possible. We offer our pilots the facilities to communicate with fellow pilots on our TeamSpeak server which is availble when joining. Caalair has a growing online presence on VATSIM. We are a Vatsim Official Training Organization and can trainany pilot wishing to obtain their P1 and P2 Vatsim rating. As Caal Airways Virtual establishes itself within the virtual skies of the flight simulator community, it will be seen that an increasing number of pilots will be proud to fly the “CLOVER” call sign. So don’t delay, join today!. With the ever increasing volume of traffic and a growing pilot base, Caal Airways is proud to announce that it is expanding its flightbase into the Asia-Pacific region with a brand new hub to be opened in Sydney, Australia. It will Continue reading

Golden Ghana VA expands European Ops


Major schedule update for Ghana’s first virtual airline

Today, Accra based Golden Ghana VA (ICAO: GOG) has announced a major schedule update. These are the changes:

1. More flights from/to Europe Additionally to the existing destinations London (Heathrow and Gatwick) and Frankfurt, Golden Ghana VA now also serves Amsterdam, Istanbul and Vienna. This decision is based on Continue reading


Lufthansa Cargo Virtual Airlines Expands to Group Airlines


Virtual airlines, which support simulation of cargo flights expand to new VA group airlines. Registered members can fly for 3 cargo airlines:

Lufthansa Cargo (GEC) (airplanes MD11 and B777)

Aerologic Cargo (BOX) (airplales B777)

EuropeanAirTransport (BCS) (airplanes B757 and A300).

We try to simulate as real as possible real world routes.

Our VA group have 463 registered pilots. We provide 2570 flights with Continue reading


freshJet Announces S14 Expansion Plans

New Routes Announced
May 2014 will see the launch of services to five new destinations in Europe and North America. Flights to Ibiza, Lanzarote, Dalaman, Las Vegas and Cancun are expected to be launched later this year from Glasgow and Manchester.

London/Gatwick Hub Announced
Last year, freshJet asked the public to decide where their new UK base should be located, to which the majority responded London/Gatwick. It has since been decided that freshJet will establish a new base there in May 2014. Initially, 2 Airbus A320s will be based at Gatwick, and will operate to Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Amsterdam, Alicante, Palma, Malaga and Tenerife South. Long-haul operations are expected to begin in July, using Airbus A330-300 aircraft to Orlando.

Belfast International Hub to Close

Despite its initial success, our Belfast base has declined rapidly in recent years and has since become our smallest hub, with only one aircraft based there. freshJet management have concluded that the Belfast hub will be officially closed in May 2014. Belfast will however continue to be served from other UK bases on domestic services, which remain popular at Belfast.

Additional Airbus A320 Order

Last month we placed an order for an additional 3 Airbus A320 aircraft, bringing the total A320 family fleet size to 11. The aircraft will be deployed alongside the existing fleet on routes from the UK to a variety of destinations.

In addition, we expect to take delivery of our second A330 prior to the S14 season.
| @freshJetvirtual


Invictajet Eyes Stansted Takeover

A recent increase in activity at Invictajet – coupled with the closure of Ryanair Virtual – has assisted the airline in introducing new services from the London airport.

The anglo-slovak carrier – with bases already at London Luton and Bratislava International – have announced their intention to begin operations from Stansted, in the hope of capitalising on the closure of a popular and active VA that was previously based at the airport. Initially, only a single leased Boeing 737-800 will operate to a number of winter ski and winter sun destinations until at least march next year, when further talks will take place with the airport authority.

A press release by the airline confirmed :

We want to assist passengers that have been effected by the closure of the busiest VA at Stansted.

With fantastic transport links and more than suitable ground services in place, this seemed like the perfect chance to begin operations and ensure the continuation of previous services throughout Europe as well as introduce some of our own destinations.

It is expected the airline will now begin a vigorous recruitment drive, seeking type rated pilots with Continue reading


SparkJet Virtual Announces Acquisition and New Flights!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — SparkJet Virtual has announced the acquisition of Pacific Blue Virtual during their press conference in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, February 15th, 2013. The acquisition is great for SparkJet since both airlines shared a very similar fleet and business model; the most important factor of the acquisition is that it allows SparkJet to expand to markets they had not been able to serve. With the acquisition SparkJet is planning to introduce about 20 frames, at a rate of two per month and is looking at new focus cities around the country.
“Initially only five aircraft, a JS41, two A320’s and two B738’s will be joining the fleet after being retrofitted with the SparkJet product” said SparkJet CEO Zeke Elias. We are adding new destinations that we were not able to previously serve due to fleet constraints.

The new frequencies being added are as follows:

From KABQ:
Portland International Airport (ICAO: KPDX)                                                   Once Daily
General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport (ICAO: KBOS) Twice Daily
Lambert-St Louis International Airport (ICAO: KSTL)                                   Once Daily
Toronto Pearson International Airport (ICAO: CYYZ)                                  Once Daily

Lambert-St Continue reading


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