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Golden Ghana VA expands European Ops


Major schedule update for Ghana’s first virtual airline

Today, Accra based Golden Ghana VA (ICAO: GOG) has announced a major schedule update. These are the changes:

1. More flights from/to Europe Additionally to the existing destinations London (Heathrow and Gatwick) and Frankfurt, Golden Ghana VA now also serves Amsterdam, Istanbul and Vienna. This decision is based on Continue reading


freshJet Announces S14 Expansion Plans

New Routes Announced
May 2014 will see the launch of services to five new destinations in Europe and North America. Flights to Ibiza, Lanzarote, Dalaman, Las Vegas and Cancun are expected to be launched later this year from Glasgow and Manchester.

London/Gatwick Hub Announced
Last year, freshJet asked the public to decide where their new UK base should be located, to which the majority responded London/Gatwick. It has since been decided that freshJet will establish a new base there in May 2014. Initially, 2 Airbus A320s will be based at Gatwick, and will operate to Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Amsterdam, Alicante, Palma, Malaga and Tenerife South. Long-haul operations are expected to begin in July, using Airbus A330-300 aircraft to Orlando.

Belfast International Hub to Close

Despite its initial success, our Belfast base has declined rapidly in recent years and has since become our smallest hub, with only one aircraft based there. freshJet management have concluded that the Belfast hub will be officially closed in May 2014. Belfast will however continue to be served from other UK bases on domestic services, which remain popular at Belfast.

Additional Airbus A320 Order

Last month we placed an order for an additional 3 Airbus A320 aircraft, bringing the total A320 family fleet size to 11. The aircraft will be deployed alongside the existing fleet on routes from the UK to a variety of destinations.

In addition, we expect to take delivery of our second A330 prior to the S14 season.
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Golden Ghana VA: New Flights at Nigeria

Golden Ghana Virtual Airlines has just extended it’s services in Nigeria. Based at Lagos (DNMM), a new Boeing 737-800 (registration 9G-AAH) now serves the following cities:

- Abuja (DNAA)
- Benin City (DNBE)
- Calabar (DNCA)
- Jos (DNJO)
- Port Harcourt (DNPO)
- Kano (DNKN)

The new schedule is a result of the increasing traffic at Nigeria both in real life and at VATSIM. We hope you enjoy the new routes and have some great flights at Western Africa.

About Golden Ghana VA:

Golden Ghana Virtual Airlines is Ghana’s first virtual airline. It was founded Christmas 2011 and currently has 80 pilots. The VA operates scheduled passenger flights as well as cargo and vintage charter flights. It is associated with Vatsim Central Africa Division (VATCAF) and supported by the real world Aviation Club Ghana (ACG).

The GOG homepage can be found here:


Golden Ghana Virtual Airlines Starts Medium Range Flights

Three months after it’s launch, Golden Ghana Virtual Airlines is adding medium range flights to the schedule. The new destinations on the African continent like Algiers, Nairobi or Johannesburg will be served by Boeing 787, Boeing 767, Boeing 757, Airbus A330 and Airbus A320. The fleet has been build based on member’s voting.

Golden Ghana Virtual Airlines is Ghana’s first virtual airline. It was founded christmas 2011 and currently has 29 pilots. The VA operates scheduled passenger flights as well as cargo and vintage charter flights. It is associated with Vatsim Central Africa Division (VATCAF) and supported by the real world Aviation Club Ghana (ACG).

The GOG homepage can be found here:

The current fleet with destinations:

Scheduled passenger flights

2 Boeing 787-800
Destinations: Nairobi Johannesburg

2 Boeing 767-300
Destinations: Tripolis Kairo Continue reading


Ohio Express Expanding Fleet

Columbus, OH— Over the last Month Ohio Express has ordered several new aircraft to accommodate the expanding regional carrier. Ohio Express leased 3 new Beechcraft 1900D, 5 Embraer 145 LR’s, 2 Embraer 190’s, and 1 Embraer 145 XR.  “We decided to lease more of these planes because our pilot staff is growing and we didn’t have enough planes for our pilots. Now that we are expanding our rout network, our pilots can fly all over the Midwest and eastern United States, without having to worry about jump-seating to the next available aircraft. Going this route is also making us more profitable, less delays and confusion,” say CEO Justin Caughenbaugh.

Ohio Express has also announced that their Charter operations will begin at the beginning of April. Ohio express will lease an additional 2 planes, but they won’t be Embraer’s, instead they are rolling out their “Signature Series” the Boeing 737-800WL. The Charter Operations will be ran by John Farrington who is also the Director of training “Our new Signature Series 737′s will be Ohio Express’s flagship aircraft in our new charter operation. We will be branching across the United States and neighboring countries flying our elite clients to new exciting destinations. Trips can vary from a simple short hop, to a long haul with multiple destinations. Our pilots will get so see new exotic places soaring high in our new Signature Series 737-800s.”

We are Hiring
Great News we are looking for those pilots who want to get the most from their flight sim experience, and a VA that allows opportunities for Continue reading


Fly Africa Virtual Expands Routes and Fleet

Fly Africa Virtual has acquired new aircraft, namely the Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 747-800 to cover long haul routes with destinations such as St.Martens and Mauritius.
We have also expanded our route network for the North African base to now include the following destinations :

Faro – Portugal
Alatalya – Turkey
Kos – Greece
Monastir – Tunisia
Madeira – Portugal
Ibiza -  Spain
Athens – Greece
Madrid – Spain
Lissabon – Portugal
Venice – Italy
Menorca – Spain
Mallorca  – Spain
Barcelona – Spain Continue reading


Now Hiring Staff Members for New, Realistic Virtual Airline – United Airlines Virtual

We are starting a very new and exciting project for a realistic virtual airline that is based off a real world airline. This airline is being created by real world pilots who are in their 20′s and are truly dedicated to aviation and Flight Simulator as a hobby. Our VA will be one of the most realistic in the industry, with personal pilot interviews with potential candidates. Each pilot will go through an interview with questions on:
  • Aviation procedures

  • Aircraft specific procedures

  • Aerodynamics

  • ATC procedures

  • Flight planning

  • IFR procedures


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