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United Virtual Airlines Announces ACARS Upgrades – Seeks to Fill Staff Positions

We are very happy to announce that after a 6 month trial and beta period operating Acars, we have now upgraded to version 1.0.0 custom Acars for United Airlines Virtual.  The new version features a unique custom logo, acars status, control panel, flight information board, pilot chat, current flight data recorder and a flight log. Every month we will be adding additional features such as awesome tools to help pilots pick their flights more efficiently.

Currently we are still seeking new staff for all positions from Director of Flight Operations to Hub Managers and Dispatcher.  We are looking for individuals with great experience, enthusiasm and potential.  If you are interested and are looking for a new challenge please send us your resume to or for further information.

You can visit United Virtual Airlines online at:


Now Hiring Staff Members for New, Realistic Virtual Airline – United Airlines Virtual

We are starting a very new and exciting project for a realistic virtual airline that is based off a real world airline. This airline is being created by real world pilots who are in their 20′s and are truly dedicated to aviation and Flight Simulator as a hobby. Our VA will be one of the most realistic in the industry, with personal pilot interviews with potential candidates. Each pilot will go through an interview with questions on:
  • Aviation procedures

  • Aircraft specific procedures

  • Aerodynamics

  • ATC procedures

  • Flight planning

  • IFR procedures


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