Ohio Express Expanding Fleet

Columbus, OH— Over the last Month Ohio Express has ordered several new aircraft to accommodate the expanding regional carrier. Ohio Express leased 3 new Beechcraft 1900D, 5 Embraer 145 LR’s, 2 Embraer 190’s, and 1 Embraer 145 XR.  “We decided to lease more of these planes because our pilot staff is growing and we didn’t have enough planes for our pilots. Now that we are expanding our rout network, our pilots can fly all over the Midwest and eastern United States, without having to worry about jump-seating to the next available aircraft. Going this route is also making us more profitable, less delays and confusion,” say CEO Justin Caughenbaugh.

Ohio Express has also announced that their Charter operations will begin at the beginning of April. Ohio express will lease an additional 2 planes, but they won’t be Embraer’s, instead they are rolling out their “Signature Series” the Boeing 737-800WL. The Charter Operations will be ran by John Farrington who is also the Director of training “Our new Signature Series 737′s will be Ohio Express’s flagship aircraft in our new charter operation. We will be branching across the United States and neighboring countries flying our elite clients to new exciting destinations. Trips can vary from a simple short hop, to a long haul with multiple destinations. Our pilots will get so see new exotic places soaring high in our new Signature Series 737-800s.”

We are Hiring
Great News we are looking for those pilots who want to get the most from their flight sim experience, and a VA that allows opportunities for advancement to management and a staff for aspiring pilots. If you’re looking for the challenge of flying for a devoted airline, to destinations in the Midwest and select markets, and camaraderie of a group of pilots, visit us at

Why should you join? Here is an excellent reason: We are well aware that there is a large range of VA’s on the web for you to choose from, and this number is growing every day. Most of the airlines out there mimic true airlines that you would find in the real world, but then you have a few like us which are ideas that our founders have thought of to become the best and reign over the popular and major airlines, but we are confident that we are operating as close to real-world operations as possible, our fleet is painted in both freeware and payware repaints. We have a decent amount of flights to choose from, and updated seasonally and all this backed by a friendly loyal team of staff all passionate about the airline and our valued pilots. We want every pilot to feel like they are part of the Ohio Express family and not just become another statistic and name on a roster The following is a very simple principle that we management hold very close to our hearts: Fun Realism Integrity Professionalism, so why not come and join our family oriented airline

What We Offer
At Ohio Express we offer, awards, and commendations as you progress through your airline career. We offer assistance in training with online flying with real world Certified flight instructors, Ohio Express offers a program that is in place to make sure pilots are going to be active within the airline called the “Buckeye Program” this program consist of 10 flight hrs.  in the probationary period while flying the Beechcraft 1900D. Once a pilot successfully completes the program they will receive the following

·         $12,000 sign on bonus
·         Bump in hrs. Up to 15hrs (if you’re not transferring any hrs.)
·         Award displayed in your Pilot center

In addition we offer VAFS5 for our airline management system, this allows pilots to have their very own pilot center, where they can check their stats, update their profile, and buys homes, furniture for their homes, cars and other miscellaneous items. VAFS offers a stock market option where pilots can buy shares into the airlines, however they like.

About Ohio Express
Ohio Express Airlines launched their operations March 7, 2011. Ohio Express Airlines was founded by Chief Executive officer and President Justin Caughenbaugh in Early July of 2010. Ohio express was developed to connect Ohio to major parts of the eastern part of the country and a few International destinations.  Ohio Express is designed to emulate a real airline from the bottom up. Like the real business world, money matters! We’ll grow like an airline grows, composed and calculated. You can count on it. We begin our operations with a fleet consisting of an Beechcraft B1900-D for our short local routes, We will have an Embraer 145 to take our passengers to all of our domestic destinations and the last aircraft the Ohio express offers is the Boeing 757-200 with state of the art technologies like, direct TV on board at every seat, satellite radio provided by sky blue Radio, and in flight internet.

Our Fleet & Destinations

We offer a great aircraft selection, with a choice of several repaints, created by some expert aircraft painters.
·         6 Embraer 145LR
·         1 Embraer 145XR
·         2 Embraer 190
·         1Boeing 757-200
·         4 Beechcraft 1900D
·         2 Boeing 737-800WL

With this fleet we are going to utilize every plane on every minute of the day, ranging from the northeast, Midwest, southeast, and few international destinations. .

See you in the Skies
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