Invictajet Eyes Stansted Takeover

A recent increase in activity at Invictajet – coupled with the closure of Ryanair Virtual – has assisted the airline in introducing new services from the London airport.

The anglo-slovak carrier – with bases already at London Luton and Bratislava International – have announced their intention to begin operations from Stansted, in the hope of capitalising on the closure of a popular and active VA that was previously based at the airport. Initially, only a single leased Boeing 737-800 will operate to a number of winter ski and winter sun destinations until at least march next year, when further talks will take place with the airport authority.

A press release by the airline confirmed :

We want to assist passengers that have been effected by the closure of the busiest VA at Stansted.

With fantastic transport links and more than suitable ground services in place, this seemed like the perfect chance to begin operations and ensure the continuation of previous services throughout Europe as well as introduce some of our own destinations.

It is expected the airline will now begin a vigorous recruitment drive, seeking type rated pilots with experience on the 737-800 series :

With the recent closing, we are sure there is a surplus of type rated flight crew looking for work, we are excited to be able to offer this opportunity for crews to continue to stay based at London Stansted and not have to move elsewhere. Additionally our Luton base will be offered to flight crew who request it.

Invictajet incorporates the VAFS utility, which includes built in flight logging and a wide variety of data relating to flight progress, success and flight crew capability. This is similar to previous loggers that other VAs use, so we expect no major problems for flight crews transitioning to our flight operations if they are successful with their application.

Of course part of VAFS is the details of just how realistic and successful Invictajet could be in the real-world, particularly financially and profits wise.

This is why we announce this recruitment drive together with our new lease, We need the flight crew to operate the flights, which will help us financially and perhaps even become one of the more successful VAFS airlines.

Equally important is the realisation that we are only basing 1 aircraft at Stansted for now, so flight crew positions are limited.

Invictajet would encourage applicants and the general public to visit our website and have a look around for themselves.

Visit Invictajet online @


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