Caal Airways Introduces A Major Expansion


Caal Airways has gone through a major expansion. We now have a Hub in every Continent. Europe has hubs at EGAA, EIDW, EGPF, EGGW and EDDM. N America has a Hub at KIAH. S America has a Hub at SBGL. Asia has Hubs at RJTT, VTBS and ZBAA. Africa/Middle East has a hub at OMDB and last but by no means least Australia YSSY. Each Region has an Ops Manager apart from S America where one will be appointed soon. We hope that this will attract a more world based pilot roster.

We have also introduced a more modern and up to date website and changed the look of our forum. We still are a relaxed airline and as we understand real life has a habit of getting in the way of our beloved hobby, so all we ask is you fly whenever you can. The tour database has been cleared and our OP’s Managers will be introducing some new tours.

We have 3 flight tracking systems. We use IPS for online Vatsim flights which detects your flight automatically and files a pirep for you, and for off line flights we use smartCARS and our own KACARS.

The fleet has been nearly all repainted in our new livery with just some aircraft still to be done.we have also introduced a new professional looking Logo.

The future looks bright for Caal Airways and as always we are looking for pilots to join our happy family.

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