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Australasian Virtual Airlines – Recruitment Round!

Australasian Virtual Airlines has now been serving the Asia Pacific region and beyond for approximately 6 months. Our virtual airline has a large selection of aircraft in our fleet with over 2000 routes worldwide! We run our pirep system through VAFS and currently ranked 32nd amongst other VAFS VAs!

What Australasian has to offer:
* Dedicated TS3 server and Web-chat for members to communicate.
* Dedicated members forum.
* Humanitarian, Rescue, and Disaster Relief Missions.
* Events – We currently take part in IVAO events in the AU region but this will be extended.
* In-house competitions (Soon – To be launched later this year.
* Helpful and friendly bunch of pilots to fly and share experiences with.
…and more. We are always open to suggestions.

Australasian’s main goal is to provide Flight Simmers with a fun and relaxed VA environment. We are currently recruiting pilots to join our ranks. We welcome both dedicated and casual pilots (casual pilots should endeavour to undertake at least 1 flight per month).

There are no rank restrictions on which aircraft pilots can fly and all are welcome to join, provided you are over the age of 13. We will also credit your hours from a previous VA, all you have to do is provide a link so we can verify your hours!
To join please complete the application form here -

Available executive roles
Painters – we are looking for experienced painters to join and showcase their skills through our VA…The blank canvas awaits! Repainters will be given an executive status in our VA. Interested painters are invited to send us an email with some screenshots of their work –  email

See you in the skies!

Bruno Ramos
CEO – Australasian Virtual Airlines

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