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Introducing Island Virtual

IslandVAHere at Island Virtual we strive to keep our operations as realistic as possible.  Our goal is to give pilots the perfect opportunity to fly.  We have fully dedicated staff in order to help you reach your personal goal within the airline.  With us you get to fly real-world routes from American, British Airways, Lufthansa, United much more, whilst ranking up and earning virtual money.  We let you fly any route in any any aircraft however,  pireps can be rejected if you exceeded -700 on landing rate. You get the opportunity to consider fuel consumption and take into account safety, economics and airline logistics.  We base ourselves at Miami International Airport, with other bigger hubs around the US.  With us, you can fly routes all around the world. So why not join us today and join the ranks of some of the most professional virtual pilots?  This is why our tracking system lets users fly routes when they want and where they want.  You can use our virtual airline to build a realistic career like environment where you can gain hours, and awards as you fly.

We hope to see you soon!

VAFLASH EDITOR NOTE:  It appears as they are hiring for staff positions as well.. :)


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