Almirath Arabian Airlines Relaunches


On May 31, 2014, two years of redevelopment was complete as the #arabiandream relaunched operations. To commemorate the relaunch, Almirath Arabian Airlines is offering Direct-Entry applications for its Boeing 737 program. vPilots will be allowed to apply directly for a Boeing 737 First Officer position with the company.

The airline announced that its launch program will consist of stages aimed at slowly increasing web traffic to its new web site. Direct Entry applications to the Boeing 737 will begin on May 31, 2014. Shortly thereafter, the company will open applications to the Boeing 777, A330/A340 and A380 programs, respectively.

Visit to stay up to date with the latest in launch preparations. The company still has open staff positions available at


Virtual OneWorld Re-launches

It’s here at last. Something we’ve all waited for a long time, the very thing that is taking us to higher heights. An alliance is reborn. vOne World, after months of hard work as relaunched and hit the skies, with a better, cleaner, and newer look. One that will differentiate us from all the other alliances, and truly make us the #1 alliance. Unique in every way, holding some of the biggest names in the virtual aviation world, and with one of the most active pilot bases vOne World is about to show the world why we’re not just another alliance but the premiere virtual airline alliance of virtual aviation.

Members of Virtual OneWorld Include

Cathay Pacific Virtual:
Japan Airlines Virtual:
Malaysia Virtual Airlines:
Qantas Virtual:
Skyjet Virtual Airlines (LAN):

Virtual OneWorld | An alliance reborn


Simulated United Re-Launches

Nearly three years after it’s launch, Simulated United is ready to come back stronger then ever. We will be introducing a new website along with a brand new acars system and forums. So what’s new?

First of all, our mission is the same, to provide pilots with a realistic experience while maintaining our philosophy that we are a family. This is critical to our VA because we want you to feel a bigger part of Simulated United then anywhere else. We still offer no test between ranks, instead, you can and freely should be able to progress in a safe and timely manner. And of course, the fact that the pilot helps the airline. No control freaks here! We want you and your ideas because after all, you run the airline.

Our biggest upcoming change is our new site. This site will be catered to the pilot providing easy access and a great layout. It will reflect the merger changes that have been going on. This head turner of a site will be the kick-off for our re-launch. (Our current site is graphically showing a pre-merger look. We still have all current flight offerings in the system based on the Fall 2012 schedule.)

Already introduced is a brand new acars system called smartCARS. This acars system is top of the line and much more catered to Simulated United then other acars programs with little to no learning curve. smartCARS has it all, from GPWS callouts, to in-flight chat, in program bids, this is our showcase piece for our re-launch. The best part is you can try it out now!

Also to be introduced will be the Dynife system. It is to hard to explain in all it’s amazingness so here is the Continue reading


BudgJet Airways to be Relaunched by Air Fresno CEO Pete McKay

Air Fresno CEO Peter McKay has made extensive progress in the re-launching of a 2006 VA project dubbed BudgJet Airways. The airline which saw a restart of operations in the southeast United States and an Atlanta, Georgia headquarters however will be moved westward beginning in June, settling back in its original home of San Jose, California.

The airline also has a new website to showcase its style; plans are for a fully featured site to be published over the next few months. BudgJet Airways is also slated to assume the older Air Fresno’s limited operations and expand on them by offering jet service into Canada and Mexico, and turboprop service into locations where jet traffic is not economical or feasible due to noise restrictions.

Visit BudgJet Airways at:


Atlantic International Virtual Re-Launches its Operations as AIV 2.0

Chicago, IL –Atlantic International Virtual Airlines (AIV) announced today it has started accepting membership applications and will commence operations on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. AIV will re-launch with their customized and enhanced website, known as Project AIV2.0 and will serve 21 cities within the North American Continent  with the Embraer 170 and Boeing 737, 757 and 767 aircraft’s. We have worked countless hours during the past year on planning and developing our re-launch to the flight simulation community, said Robert Sayles, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic International Virtual Airlines.

Project AIV2.0, Atlantic International Virtual customized and advanced system, will offer its members the most updated technology and enhanced award and recognition system. We  are really proud of our Developer, he did an outstanding job with Project AIV 2.0, said Andrew Horn, Vice President of Corporate Operations of Atlantic International Virtual Airlines.  Future members can go to our website at and fill out our membership application, we ask our members to give us up to 48 hours to process their application.  Members can email our Member Relations Department at, if they have any questions regarding their pending application, said Horn.

We appreciate the community for their outstanding support during our re- Continue reading


AIV Announces Re-launch Date and new URL

Atlantic International Virtual Airlines will re-launch on March 12, 2012

DULLES, VA (KIAD)February 19, 2012–Atlantic International Virtual Airlines (AIV) Senior Management team announces the official re-launch date.  AIV will re-launch on Monday, March 12, 2012 after many months of re-developing their operations.  AIV will start accepting applications for their Washington Dulles International Virtual Domicile (KIAD) on March 1, 2012.

Due to Atlantic International Virtual Airlines Technology “Go Forward Plan”, AIV has enhanced their technology capabilities and along with a new URL.  The new URL will be and is now active on the World Wide Web.  We are asking everyone to make note of our new domain and to update your records accordingly.

“We have begun the hiring process for Atlantic International Virtual Senior operations staff”, said Andrew Horn, Atlantic International Virtual Airline, and Vice President of Corporate Operations. We will search and bring on committed professional staff members, both real world airline employees and flight simulation aviation enthusiasts alike.  If you are interested in a staff position, please email The only requirement is a love of aviation and a willingness to help others.  Please continue to Continue reading


Phoenix Virtual Airways Relaunch

 Created in February 2010 by a small group of very dedicated pilots, PVA is looking to take a new direction in the Flight Sim community. Although we are new, we are not going away! PVA was developed by VA industry experts, with over 20 years of experience.

We have an extensive route network spanning multiple real world airlines, so pilots at PVA have the option to choose who they fly for. You may choose to fly for only one airline, or you may choose to fly for several, the choice is yours! All while using the same account to accrue hours and work towards promotions. In the coming months we will be launching more real world airlines and giving you more choice of who you want to fly for and where you want to go.

Our pilots file their flight reports with our custom, Continue reading


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