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Phoenix Virtual Airways Relaunch

 Created in February 2010 by a small group of very dedicated pilots, PVA is looking to take a new direction in the Flight Sim community. Although we are new, we are not going away! PVA was developed by VA industry experts, with over 20 years of experience.

We have an extensive route network spanning multiple real world airlines, so pilots at PVA have the option to choose who they fly for. You may choose to fly for only one airline, or you may choose to fly for several, the choice is yours! All while using the same account to accrue hours and work towards promotions. In the coming months we will be launching more real world airlines and giving you more choice of who you want to fly for and where you want to go.

Our pilots file their flight reports with our custom, automatic, state-of-the-art ACARS system. We are also set up to handle FS Passengers and FS Flight Keeper. We have created a laid back, friendly atmosphere in which all virtual aviators can call home. We welcome all virtual pilots, whether you are brand new to flight simulation or a hardened virtual veteran.

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