Phoenix Virtual Airways Adds Real World Schedules For All Airlines Worldwide

NEW YORK, New York – In the largest scheduling update so far in their nearly three year history, Phoenix Virtual Airways has added all regularly scheduled flights from the Summer 2012 season. PVA now operates the largest and most complete virtual airline schedule available with daily flights representing 720 airlines worldwide. Pilots of PVA can fly 2,350 aircraft to 3,550 destinations, many matching what can be found on popular flight tracking websites like

“This was a huge update and a great effort from all of our staff,” stated CEO Michael Moro. “Our goal has always been to offer a simulation of all airlines in the world, and with these changes we have met that goal. Now our goal will be to keep the schedules updated on a seasonal basis.”

“The first challenge was sourcing the data; then we had to make that data work within our system,” remarked Dustin Abell, Executive Vice President Operations. “There were a number of changes that had to be made such as coming up with a way for the same flight number to be used on multiple legs–something the base PVA system didn’t support.”

Some notable new aircraft include a C-130 cargo fleet, DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-4 Caribou, Cessna Citation Jets, Boeing 787, Ilyushin IL-76, many flights in Beech, Piper and Cessna light aircraft, and more. Alaskan bush flying is also available now as many little strips and seaplane bases have been added for the DHC aircraft. All of this is in addition to the standard fleet of Continue reading


Phoenix Virtual Airways Home for the Holidays Event

NEW YORK, New York – Phoenix Virtual Airways (PVA) will be allowing all pilots to fly any of the 1,311 aircraft in the fleet from 17 December through 24 December so as many pilots as possible can get “home” for the holidays. For PVA pilots, home is one of the five crew centers located in the United States and Europe. This event also serves as an open house for new pilots to try out everything PVA has to offer without any restrictions on what aircraft can be flown.

“Typically we have some restrictions on the aircraft a pilot can fly depending on their rank,” commented Joe Espino, Executive Vice President and Chief Pilot. “Events like this allow everyone to stretch the legs a bit and try out larger aircraft.”

“We try to lift the restrictions on a semi-regular basis, but keep them most of Continue reading


Phoenix Virtual Airways Names New Training Coordinator

NEW YORK, New York (September 26, 2011) – Phoenix Virtual Airways (PVA) has named 5 year flight simulator veteran Chris Galemore their first Training Coordinator. Galemore authored the user manual for PVA’s custom ACARS system and will be responsible for maintaining the high level of pilot professionalism PVA has become known for.

“We are happy Chris is joining the management team here at PVA,” said CEO Michael Moro. “He brings years of experience and over 1,300 hours flying with PVA alone. He was the perfect fit for the position.”

In addition to managing training bulletins and helping newer pilots with any questions, Galemore will also be working to expand PVA’s presence within the Continue reading


Phoenix Virtual Airways Adds 300th Airline

NEW YORK, New York (August 18, 2011) – After appointing Jason Epps-Eades as Scheduling Coordinator last month, Phoenix Virtual Airways (PVA) has gone through another rapid growth spurt and is celebrating the addition of their 300th active airline with S7 Airlines out of Ob, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia. S7 Airlines expands PVA’s presence in Russia and throughout the world, offering flight simulator pilots the opportunity to fly to any of nearly 3,000 global destinations on the PVA system.

“PVA is the definitive leader in the sheer number of airlines and types of aircraft to fly, places to go, and things to do,” remarked Michael Moro, CEO, during an announcement at Tolmachevo Airport in Novosibirsk. “At any given moment, PVA pilots are flying anything from a Hawker Siddeley for airlines like Wasaya up in Canada, through ERJ and CRJ regional jets for carriers like Delta or Continue reading


Phoenix Virtual Airways Celebrates Anniversary In Grand Style

NEW YORK, New York – It was Easter weekend, 2010, when Phoenix Virtual Airways (PVA) first took to the air in its current form. To celebrate one year of continuous operations, PVA has increased the number of airlines served to over 275, updated the website, and released significant updates to its proprietary ACARS.

“A year ago we started with 7 airlines and 27 pilots,” said Jeffrey Kobus, EVP of Airline Development, in a statement. “Since then we have added over 250 more airlines and PVA’s Military Air Reserve Force. Our pilots have recorded over 10,000 flight hours and our highest time pilot has over 1,000 hours.”

Michael Moro, CEO, stated, “It has been an amazing first year for PVA by any measure. The pilot community here is second to none and we look forward to many more years.”

PVA started with 5 major passenger airlines based in Continue reading


Phoenix Virtual Airways Now Servicing 250 Airlines

NEW YORK, New York (December 23, 2010) – Just in time for the holiday rush, Phoenix Virtual Airways (PVA), has expanded their service to include 250 airlines world wide. This allows pilots at PVA to fly for every large carrier and most regional carriers on both passenger and cargo flights. PVA boasts the largest network of airlines, flying more than 100 different aircraft types/variants to over 2,500 destinations world wide. The entire list of airlines PVA serves can be found on the PVA web site at

“[PVA] has the largest route network, most airframes, and more flights to more places than any other Continue reading


Phoenix Virtual Airways Relaunch

 Created in February 2010 by a small group of very dedicated pilots, PVA is looking to take a new direction in the Flight Sim community. Although we are new, we are not going away! PVA was developed by VA industry experts, with over 20 years of experience.

We have an extensive route network spanning multiple real world airlines, so pilots at PVA have the option to choose who they fly for. You may choose to fly for only one airline, or you may choose to fly for several, the choice is yours! All while using the same account to accrue hours and work towards promotions. In the coming months we will be launching more real world airlines and giving you more choice of who you want to fly for and where you want to go.

Our pilots file their flight reports with our custom, Continue reading


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