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Freight Dogs Switches to PHPVMS / Joins VaCentral


Founded on Dec 12, 2008 Freight Dogs virtual Air Cargo pilots have enjoyed flying on the VATSIM network flying any cargo aircraft they choose anytime, anywhere worldwide. Recent hiccups with our old website forced our hand to rely on the popular PHPVMS technology to keeps us on the network and visible to the internet for the flightsim community.

Our pilots now enjoy using the PHPVMS system flying online via VATSIM and now offering offline flights as well. Freight Dog pilots can fly their own chart flights as well as picking one of our timetable cargo or passenger flights. Whether you like the heavies or the bush planes, Freight Dogs has something for everyone anywhere, anytime in any aircraft you like. Now offering passenger flights with our partner airline Hoosier Express.

Do you have what it takes to fly freight worldwide? Join today, and we’ll transfer up to 250 VATSIM flight hours to your Freight Dog Log.

Check out Freight Dogs online @


GoAirUK Introduces GoAirUk Tours and also Reaches #27 on

GoAirUK introduces GoAirUk Tours
GoAirUK has introduced a new system in GoAirUK Tours and has received a very good response from pilots registering
to fly the different tours available. All pilot that are registered with GoAirUK can contribute by entering their suggestions on
the GoAirUK forum. Current there are over twenty tours available to choose from.

GoAirUK reaches VaCentral rank 27th
GoAirUK recently achieved rank twenty-seventh and looking forward to achieving rank twenty-sixth. As the GoAirUK Tours
become ever more popular, the frequency of pireps being filed have increased and the league is moving around at pace.

Visit GoAirUK online @


Phoenix Virtual Airways Adds Real World Schedules For All Airlines Worldwide

NEW YORK, New York – In the largest scheduling update so far in their nearly three year history, Phoenix Virtual Airways has added all regularly scheduled flights from the Summer 2012 season. PVA now operates the largest and most complete virtual airline schedule available with daily flights representing 720 airlines worldwide. Pilots of PVA can fly 2,350 aircraft to 3,550 destinations, many matching what can be found on popular flight tracking websites like

“This was a huge update and a great effort from all of our staff,” stated CEO Michael Moro. “Our goal has always been to offer a simulation of all airlines in the world, and with these changes we have met that goal. Now our goal will be to keep the schedules updated on a seasonal basis.”

“The first challenge was sourcing the data; then we had to make that data work within our system,” remarked Dustin Abell, Executive Vice President Operations. “There were a number of changes that had to be made such as coming up with a way for the same flight number to be used on multiple legs–something the base PVA system didn’t support.”

Some notable new aircraft include a C-130 cargo fleet, DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-4 Caribou, Cessna Citation Jets, Boeing 787, Ilyushin IL-76, many flights in Beech, Piper and Cessna light aircraft, and more. Alaskan bush flying is also available now as many little strips and seaplane bases have been added for the DHC aircraft. All of this is in addition to the standard fleet of Continue reading


Announcing a New Combat VA: Joint Strike Force

Joint Strike Force is an online flightsim combat group that flies a variety of aircraft from WW2 to present day. We create various missions within the limits that a flightsim will allow. We use FS2004 and FSX. You can fly these missions online or offline as long as you follow the mission criteria set out for each mission. We are a lightly structured VA and are very friendly to all levels of piloting skills. In addition to the structured missions we allow you to create your own flights using any of the JSF fleet. We use KCARS FREE and have a TS3 dedicated server for you to use. There is no IVAO or VATSIM requirement, that is up to you. There are three specialized categories that you can join: Air Force, Navy and Marines; each have there own airframes and goals.

We at JSF have doors open at the web site so you can see what we are all about, no need to register to gain access, we have nothing to hide. Please read the crew guide. All we ask from you is that you fly one flight a month, be over 18, have Kcars and TS3.

So please check out our JSF web site at:

Roy Elliman Chief of Staff
Chuck Mays Joint chief of Staff


Central Asian Airlines Announces New Route to Tamchy

Central Asian Airlines is proud to announce that a new destination will be added to Central Asian’s route network: Tamchy, on the beautiful Issyk-Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan.

Issyk-Kul is one of the largest mountain lakes in the world, and a prime holiday destinations for Central Asians. It features unique nature, absolute rest and tranquillity, and the most spectacular scenery.

Flights between Almaty and Tamchy will commence on Sunday 10th June 2012 and operate on a daily basis. With one flight in the morning and one in the late afternoon and a flight time of only 35 minutes, this could be a perfect day out! This flight will be operated on a Saab 2000 aircraft.

Additionally, flights between Bishkek and Tamchy will also start operating on the 10th June. Three return flights per week will be offered from the Kyrgyz capital (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday), and these flights will also be operated in a Saab 2000 aircraft.

Why not try Tamchy as your next holiday destination? It’s a worthwhile visit to one of the biggest lakes in the world! And besides, the scenery en-route to Tamchy is nothing less than spectacular (even the standard MSFS scenery :-))

In FSX, Tamchy is represented by a Continue reading


Caal Airways Virtual Monthly Update for December 2011

What a great month December was.  We logged a total of 121 pireps which is 23 up on last month. Our VA Central Rank jumped 7 places to 107.

Mikes tour in USA was a great success and Jacks tour In south America looks like being a great tour.  We are still short of a Los Angeles Hub Manager.  All applications will be considered and should be sent to

I myself qualified as a ground controller on Vatsim in the Scottish RTS which covers Aldergrove.  I would love to get an online event up and running to put Caal Air on the Vatsim Map.  We have now been granted official partnership with Vatsim.

My last suggestion for a voice callsign was redhand, but unfortunately this callsign is used by the military so we need a new callsign.  Any ideas will be considered.

I hope that 2012 brings Caal Air forward as a top VA and I would also like to thank everyone for Continue reading


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