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Freight Dogs Switches to PHPVMS / Joins VaCentral


Founded on Dec 12, 2008 Freight Dogs virtual Air Cargo pilots have enjoyed flying on the VATSIM network flying any cargo aircraft they choose anytime, anywhere worldwide. Recent hiccups with our old website forced our hand to rely on the popular PHPVMS technology to keeps us on the network and visible to the internet for the flightsim community.

Our pilots now enjoy using the PHPVMS system flying online via VATSIM and now offering offline flights as well. Freight Dog pilots can fly their own chart flights as well as picking one of our timetable cargo or passenger flights. Whether you like the heavies or the bush planes, Freight Dogs has something for everyone anywhere, anytime in any aircraft you like. Now offering passenger flights with our partner airline Hoosier Express.

Do you have what it takes to fly freight worldwide? Join today, and we’ll transfer up to 250 VATSIM flight hours to your Freight Dog Log.

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