Freight Dogs Switches to PHPVMS / Joins VaCentral


Founded on Dec 12, 2008 Freight Dogs virtual Air Cargo pilots have enjoyed flying on the VATSIM network flying any cargo aircraft they choose anytime, anywhere worldwide. Recent hiccups with our old website forced our hand to rely on the popular PHPVMS technology to keeps us on the network and visible to the internet for the flightsim community.

Our pilots now enjoy using the PHPVMS system flying online via VATSIM and now offering offline flights as well. Freight Dog pilots can fly their own chart flights as well as picking one of our timetable cargo or passenger flights. Whether you like the heavies or the bush planes, Freight Dogs has something for everyone anywhere, anytime in any aircraft you like. Now offering passenger flights with our partner airline Hoosier Express.

Do you have what it takes to fly freight worldwide? Join today, and we’ll transfer up to 250 VATSIM flight hours to your Freight Dog Log.

Check out Freight Dogs online @


Introducing Pioneer Virtual Airlines


Pioneer Virtual Airlines was established in 2013 out of love for propliners.

Pioneer Virtual Airlines flies piston-engined and turboprop transport aircraft in FS9 and FSX/P3D on routes spanning the globe.  We do so as professional as possible in flight simulation but in a relaxed setting. We are in it for the fun of flying!

Pioneer Virtual Airlines provides passenger and cargo services all over the world. We do not use the hub and spoke model typically in use by modern airlines but we fly according to the point-to-point model used in an earlier era.

To complement the passenger and cargo services Pioneer also provides special services such as Continue reading


SmartJet Virtual: Ready To Soar High!

SmartJet Virtual now has our re-paints in and our website is about 80% completed, we are still however as always allowing new pilots to register and fly with us at the moment. Currently our pilot center is the only thing that is really still under construction, along with the creation of our flight tracking system, so for now all SmartJet pilots must file manual PIREPS via the pilot center, however we hope to have our PHPVMS site, including our flight tracking software up and running by January 2014, however we cannot say for sure. We would like to say thanks to all the pilots already registered with us here at SmartJet Virtual, and would like to encourage anyone who is not a pilot with SmartJet to please give us a try!

Check out SmartJet Virtual online @


Japan Airlines Virtual Now Hiring for Staff Positions

Japan Airlines Virtual (JAL Virtual) is currently looking for new staff to join the staff team at JAL Virtual. We are in urgent need of having these staff positions filled. Please apply today!

Open Staff positions:

-     Vice Executive Officer (Vice CEO): The primary functions of the Vice Executive Officer is to work with the CEO on major decision making within the company. An effective second in command. VEO has veto power along with the CEO on the Board of Directors.

-     Hub Managers: RJAA, RJBB, RJOO, RJTT. Hub managers are responsible for ensuring their hub(s) runs smoothly. This includes providing routes to and from their airfield, charts, scenery and acting as first line supervisors to members in their hub.

-     Chief Pilots: 787, 777, 767, 747, 737, MD11. Chief Pilots are the lead pilot of their respective aircraft. They provide assistance and training to pilots of JAL Virtual of their aircraft. They also write Standard Operation Procedures (SOP’s) of their aircraft for the VA.

-     Training Division: Chief Training Executive and Continue reading


Announcing SRT Airlines!

SRT Virtual Airline is comprised of a group of flight simulator enthusiasts that fly online together using ©Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and ©FSX.

We are very easy going and require no exams or requirements to fly certain aircraft. We are a very social VA and have some of the friendliest peopel online. If fun is what you are after, you have come to the right place!

Visit SRT Airlines online at:


Qatar Virtual Airways Seeks Graphic/Web Designer

From Amer Lawand:
Hello everyone,

I want to create a VA but creating the website is very technical and i’m just a guy who knows about airplanes.

I have a webhost provider JJServers (

I’m trying to add phpvms but it looks very techy..

Please, if you like doing techy stuff, email me (


Announcing GoAirUK!

Running for 10 years and still going strong, a VATSIM Registered airline and always recruiting pilots whatever their skill. As well as featuring their own FSINN network, Go-Connect (, this Network is open to any active airlines so feel free to sign up! The airline has become a friendly community and a strong airline and after being one of the first airline to use the VAFS1 2 & 3 systems, and after 4 years using FSAirlines and topping the league for most of that time, GoAir have felt it is time for a change, we have now moved to a new system phpvms, This system will drive the airline forward and we will strive to top this system. Visit us at for more information, or join our TeamSpeak 3 server, the address is See you in the skies!

The GoAirUK Team
“its not just a game”


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