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Introducing Pioneer Virtual Airlines


Pioneer Virtual Airlines was established in 2013 out of love for propliners.

Pioneer Virtual Airlines flies piston-engined and turboprop transport aircraft in FS9 and FSX/P3D on routes spanning the globe.  We do so as professional as possible in flight simulation but in a relaxed setting. We are in it for the fun of flying!

Pioneer Virtual Airlines provides passenger and cargo services all over the world. We do not use the hub and spoke model typically in use by modern airlines but we fly according to the point-to-point model used in an earlier era.

To complement the passenger and cargo services Pioneer also provides special services such as Fire Suppression, Medical Evacuation and Search and Rescue.

Because of the nature of the airline the fleet is a mix between General Aviation aircraft, turboprop-engined transports and piston-engined propliners.

In our first recruitement drive we are looking for 10 to 20 pilots with a passion for propliners.

Our goal is not to grow fast but to build a community of propliner pilots.

You can find us at:

Blue skies,

Kasper Hanselman


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