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Announcing GoAirUK!

Running for 10 years and still going strong, a VATSIM Registered airline and always recruiting pilots whatever their skill. As well as featuring their own FSINN network, Go-Connect (, this Network is open to any active airlines so feel free to sign up! The airline has become a friendly community and a strong airline and after being one of the first airline to use the VAFS1 2 & 3 systems, and after 4 years using FSAirlines and topping the league for most of that time, GoAir have felt it is time for a change, we have now moved to a new system phpvms, This system will drive the airline forward and we will strive to top this system. Visit us at for more information, or join our TeamSpeak 3 server, the address is See you in the skies!

The GoAirUK Team
“its not just a game”


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