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Announcing a New Combat VA: Joint Strike Force

Joint Strike Force is an online flightsim combat group that flies a variety of aircraft from WW2 to present day. We create various missions within the limits that a flightsim will allow. We use FS2004 and FSX. You can fly these missions online or offline as long as you follow the mission criteria set out for each mission. We are a lightly structured VA and are very friendly to all levels of piloting skills. In addition to the structured missions we allow you to create your own flights using any of the JSF fleet. We use KCARS FREE and have a TS3 dedicated server for you to use. There is no IVAO or VATSIM requirement, that is up to you. There are three specialized categories that you can join: Air Force, Navy and Marines; each have there own airframes and goals.

We at JSF have doors open at the web site so you can see what we are all about, no need to register to gain access, we have nothing to hide. Please read the crew guide. All we ask from you is that you fly one flight a month, be over 18, have Kcars and TS3.

So please check out our JSF web site at:

Roy Elliman Chief of Staff
Chuck Mays Joint chief of Staff


SynerJet VA takes Synergy ATC Academy into the Skies

Synergy ATC Academy recently began the necessary steps to launch its virtual airline, SynerJet Virtual. Preliminary plans call for a Phoenix, Arizona (KPHX) and Dubai, U.A.E. (OMDB) base with a diverse fleet of aircraft in both passenger and cargo configurations. SynerJet is set to open to members of the Synergy Acadamies (ATC and Flight) and prospetive pilots should visit their website for more information. Continue reading


Pegasus Simulations Set to Launch Atlantic International Virtual

Scheduled for entry into the virtual airline market, Atlantic International Virtual, subsidiary of Pegasus Simulations, Inc., is on course to launch operations from a Boston-Logan International hub (KBOS) on November 14, 2008. Included in the plans are provisions for many different types of aircraft, including, but not limited to; the Embraer 170 (E70), Boeing 737-800 (B738), 757-200 (B752), and 767-300 (B763) with service to over a dozen cities worldwide.  The 4th quarter 2008 start-date has the executive staff at full throttle as they work to ensure an on-time opening.

Pegasus Simulations, Inc., parent-company of Atlantic International, is also looking to add to their growing roster of experienced staff members. ”We are still in the progress on hiring more executive and operations staff,” said CEO Robert Sayles, and those interested in joining their team should visit the Atlantic International web-site at: for more information.

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