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Phoenix Virtual Airways Home for the Holidays Event

NEW YORK, New York – Phoenix Virtual Airways (PVA) will be allowing all pilots to fly any of the 1,311 aircraft in the fleet from 17 December through 24 December so as many pilots as possible can get “home” for the holidays. For PVA pilots, home is one of the five crew centers located in the United States and Europe. This event also serves as an open house for new pilots to try out everything PVA has to offer without any restrictions on what aircraft can be flown.

“Typically we have some restrictions on the aircraft a pilot can fly depending on their rank,” commented Joe Espino, Executive Vice President and Chief Pilot. “Events like this allow everyone to stretch the legs a bit and try out larger aircraft.”

“We try to lift the restrictions on a semi-regular basis, but keep them most of the time to provide everyone a sense of accomplishment,” added Michael Moro, CEO.

PVA is coming up on two years of continuous operations and is one of the most complete virtual airlines available for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. They rely on heavy automation to make it easy for pilots to book and fly one of the more than 140,000 flights in the system. While pilots normally have to gain sufficient rank to fly some aircraft, PVA sponsors a number of events throughout the year to allow pilots to enjoy all of the flights available.

Said one new member of PVA shortly after joining, “I am really happy to have joined [PVA]. Indeed what I like most about it are the following things:

  • You can fly [almost] any airline, which makes access to almost any airport in the world (and that’s a big plus!)
  • The Acars system is really the very best with exhaustive features …. I have ever met (and I have met some)… Really Chapeau to Phoenix Team!
  • The promotion system makes one wanna make more hours to fly new airplanes … excellent!
  • The website provides the most exhaustive analysis and statistics compared to anything I know.
  • The missions and Tours available! Really Good.”

Phoenix Virtual Airways provides virtual flight crew services to 312 airlines serving over 2,800 destinations worldwide. Built using a custom Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) and phpVMS, Phoenix Virtual Airways is a leader in virtual airline automation and realism. Flight Simulator pilots using either FS9 or FSX are encouraged to become part of their community of fun loving, dedicated, flight simulator fans. Find out more by visiting the PVA website at

Chuck Topinka, Public Relations


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