Gestricia News – January 2010

Gestricia will during next week introduce operations with a Cessna Citation X based at ESSB-Stockholm Bromma. 

Technical base will still be ESSK where the Citation II will be based.

The Citation X opens for long-haul flights which have been harder to conduct using the Citation II.

Staff vacancies
Currently Gestricia needs two staff members. COO, Chief Operating Officer and a CDO, Chief Dispatch Officer. 

As COO your duties will be Continue reading


Phoenix Virtual Airways Now Servicing 250 Airlines

NEW YORK, New York (December 23, 2010) – Just in time for the holiday rush, Phoenix Virtual Airways (PVA), has expanded their service to include 250 airlines world wide. This allows pilots at PVA to fly for every large carrier and most regional carriers on both passenger and cargo flights. PVA boasts the largest network of airlines, flying more than 100 different aircraft types/variants to over 2,500 destinations world wide. The entire list of airlines PVA serves can be found on the PVA web site at

“[PVA] has the largest route network, most airframes, and more flights to more places than any other Continue reading


EastJet now serving 17 destinations, brings first time non-stop service to MDW

EastJet Virtual, the Chicago (MDW) based airline serving passengers with its new Boeing 757-200 aircraft has completed its first week of non-stop service to 3 new cities that aren’t currently served by any airline in the Chicago area. Service to Panama City, San Juan, and St. Maarten started March 15th. “We have had a great reaction from our passengers on these new routes.” EastJet Virtual CEO Shawn Fitts stated during a early morning teleconference with the media. EastJet also unveiled its first ever EastXpress First Class product on the new Boeing 757-200. “The addition of EastXpress has brought a new level of affordable luxury on flight segments longer then three hours. We are also testing a Portable Flight Entertainment system on our Chicago-Panama City routing. So far the feedback is very positive.” Mr Fitts added. The Boeing 757-200 seats 180 passengers with flights up to 3,800 miles. With the addition of three 757 airframes, EastJet also operates 10 Boeing 737-700NG aircraft with seating for 137 passengers with flights as long as 3,000 miles. Continue reading


Air Fresno in Talks About Bringing Back Older Aircraft

Executives and staff at Air Fresno are discussing the possibility of taking the fleet back to the early days of the airline. The current roster is made up of more than 10 pilots who have been with the airline, going back to it’s opening a dozen years ago. Those pilot fill out a monthly survey of where they would like to see the airline go as far as fleet and routes in the coming months. “There is a growing trend to go back and expand the regional service profile, discontinue the transcontinental service and the airliners servicing those routes, and concentrate specifically on the western United States”. Currently the British Aerospace RJ-100 and Embraer EMB-120RT offer that alternative, but under the proposed plan the airline would drop the RJ-100 and 737-700 service completely, keep the single example of the 737-300 and re-introduce the Beech 1900 into fleet service. “There would be more than one choice of the Beech 1900, including the PMDG Express payware in both the C-1 and D models, and the GMAX Academy “D” flight model”. The Cantu Embraer would continue service as it has since 2006, both the EMB-120 and Beech 1900 would receive retro 1998 style livery changes.


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