EastJet now serving 17 destinations, brings first time non-stop service to MDW

EastJet Virtual, the Chicago (MDW) based airline serving passengers with its new Boeing 757-200 aircraft has completed its first week of non-stop service to 3 new cities that aren’t currently served by any airline in the Chicago area. Service to Panama City, San Juan, and St. Maarten started March 15th. “We have had a great reaction from our passengers on these new routes.” EastJet Virtual CEO Shawn Fitts stated during a early morning teleconference with the media. EastJet also unveiled its first ever EastXpress First Class product on the new Boeing 757-200. “The addition of EastXpress has brought a new level of affordable luxury on flight segments longer then three hours. We are also testing a Portable Flight Entertainment system on our Chicago-Panama City routing. So far the feedback is very positive.” Mr Fitts added. The Boeing 757-200 seats 180 passengers with flights up to 3,800 miles. With the addition of three 757 airframes, EastJet also operates 10 Boeing 737-700NG aircraft with seating for 137 passengers with flights as long as 3,000 miles.

EastJet announces partnership with vPrincess Cruises!

EastJet Virtual also announced a partnership with vPrincess Cruises to provide chartered flights to Anchorage, Alaska with its B737-700NG aircraft. This service will offer affordable air travel to and from vPrincess’ port in Anchorage from cities served by EastJet Virtual through its Chicago hub. “We are excited to join vPrincess Cruises to provide stellar air travel service to a great cruise line and look forward to a very long relationship.” Mr Fitts stated. These flights will only be available to vPrincess Cruises customers and will not be made available to the public.

EastJet still in talks with Armed Forces Air Mobility Command.

EastJet is still in talks with AFAMC about acquiring contract work for the military. “The AFAMC talks are moving along nicely with possible proving runs starting this summer. EastJet is mostly concerned about the freight revenue potential these contracts bring.” a unnamed source stated from EastJet’s Hebron, Ky headquarters. EastJet currently doesn’t fly a aircraft capable of completing high density air freight flights. Chicago’s Midway airport can’t handle the weight of freight aircraft, all evidence EastJet would need to find a new base and aircraft for its freight operations.

About EastJet Virtual- (EJT Callsign- “EastJet”) EastJet Virtual is into its 3rd month of restructured operations from its hub in Chicago, IL (KMDW). Operating 10 Boeing 737-700NG and 3 757-200 aircraft, EastJet Virtual offers a clean, polite, and professional product to its customers with scheduled service to 17 destinations including Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tampa and more. To see what EastJet Virtual is all about, or to find out how to join, visit


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