Phoenix Virtual Airways Celebrates Anniversary In Grand Style

NEW YORK, New York – It was Easter weekend, 2010, when Phoenix Virtual Airways (PVA) first took to the air in its current form. To celebrate one year of continuous operations, PVA has increased the number of airlines served to over 275, updated the website, and released significant updates to its proprietary ACARS.

“A year ago we started with 7 airlines and 27 pilots,” said Jeffrey Kobus, EVP of Airline Development, in a statement. “Since then we have added over 250 more airlines and PVA’s Military Air Reserve Force. Our pilots have recorded over 10,000 flight hours and our highest time pilot has over 1,000 hours.”

Michael Moro, CEO, stated, “It has been an amazing first year for PVA by any measure. The pilot community here is second to none and we look forward to many more years.”

PVA started with 5 major passenger airlines based in the United States, Air Canada, and KLM. To celebrate the anniversary, PVA has added an additional 27 airlines to bring the total number served to 277. Included airlines cover just about every type of airline operation with destinations in 221 countries and over 1,200 aircraft in the fleet. PVA pilots operate on realistic schedules modeled after the real world airlines.

At the beginning of this year, PVA also added military simulation with the addition of the Military Air Reserve Force (MARF). PVA pilots who qualify and volunteer are immersed in an ultra-realistic simulation of life as a military reserve pilot complete with drills and possible deployment based on actual events going on in the world. MARF operates 179 aircraft including transport, medivac, reconnaissance, fighter, and helicopters.

Phoenix Virtual Airways provides virtual flight crew services to over 275 airlines serving over 2,500 destinations worldwide. Built using a custom Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) and phpVMS, Phoenix Virtual Airways is a leader in virtual airline automation and realism. Flight Simulator pilots using either FS9 or FSX are encouraged to become part of their community of fun loving, dedicated, flight simulator fans. Find out more by visiting the PVA website at

Chuck Topinka, Public Relations


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