Eastern Airlines Virtual opens the Seattle-Tacoma Intl HUB

Eastern Airlines Virtual is proud to announce the opening of a new HUB: KSEA. To support the Seattle region, Pilots will use flights out of KPDX and CYVR. This region will provide pilots with a large and varied schedule of domestic and international flights to include Canada and the Orient.  The Hub will be open effective April 18, 2011. Check us out at

Other great benefits include:

-          Many Great Destinations

-          New Paint Schemes

-          Over 12 years of successful operations

-          Great and knowledgeable management team

-          Fun filled family-orientated VA

Eastern Airlines Virtual looks to continue the legacy of the Great Silver fleet by bringing it to modern times ensuring that ‘We Earn Our Wings, Everyday’!


One Response to Eastern Airlines Virtual opens the Seattle-Tacoma Intl HUB

  • Maaz Inam says:

    This is an excellent act of development, taking responsibility for growth and updating virtual air carriers. Virtual Air Carriers must develop more proficiency if growing professionalism by adding pilot hiring requirements such as 2000 hours total time with 200 hours instrument flight hours and 800 hours on heavy jets. It is very necessary to fly realistically and these hours are really not impossible to gain in flight sim.

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