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Simulated United Re-Launches

Nearly three years after it’s launch, Simulated United is ready to come back stronger then ever. We will be introducing a new website along with a brand new acars system and forums. So what’s new?

First of all, our mission is the same, to provide pilots with a realistic experience while maintaining our philosophy that we are a family. This is critical to our VA because we want you to feel a bigger part of Simulated United then anywhere else. We still offer no test between ranks, instead, you can and freely should be able to progress in a safe and timely manner. And of course, the fact that the pilot helps the airline. No control freaks here! We want you and your ideas because after all, you run the airline.

Our biggest upcoming change is our new site. This site will be catered to the pilot providing easy access and a great layout. It will reflect the merger changes that have been going on. This head turner of a site will be the kick-off for our re-launch. (Our current site is graphically showing a pre-merger look. We still have all current flight offerings in the system based on the Fall 2012 schedule.)

Already introduced is a brand new acars system called smartCARS. This acars system is top of the line and much more catered to Simulated United then other acars programs with little to no learning curve. smartCARS has it all, from GPWS callouts, to in-flight chat, in program bids, this is our showcase piece for our re-launch. The best part is you can try it out now!

Also to be introduced will be the Dynife system. It is to hard to explain in all it’s amazingness so here is the Continue reading


Simulated United – A Pilot’s Airline

Did the title grab you? Whether it did or not, after being open a year and a half, that title holds true. SimUAL is in fact a pilots airline in the fact that the pilot runs the airline.  Our friendly knowledgeable staff is there to help you in your flight expeditions.  The staff is only here to keep the airline running.  (After all, someone has to pay for the site and add routes and the like.)  What you can expect is a friendly airline with close connections.  Unlike big virtual airlines which are slammed with restrictions and tests, the only requirement SimUAL has is a rank system based upon hours,  and when you move up a rank, no test.  Our airline runs on the PHP system, a web based client that supports Continue reading


Simulated United Mirrors Real Life Routes

Simulated United, also known as SimUAL, is please to announce that every single United Airlines flight as been uploaded. This also includes express flights. This is a very big achievement considering there is about 3,000 schedules. Now pilots can fly the shortest regional flights to the ultra long hauls. And even better, these schedules will be updated every few months so you can fly along side the real world flight. So there is no better time to join. SimUAL, where the mission is fun and yet running is an organized. We are a pilots airline.

Visit them at:


Simulated United now open!

Mike Mosteller II, the new CEO of Simulated United has sent an email to let us know that they’re opened for business!  He states in his email “We have started up Simulated United, a virtual airline that contains ALL of United Airline’s actual routes including the Star Alliance, and includes the entire United Airlines fleet.  We are currently open and accepting applications for pilots all the way up to and including one executive opening.  Hub manager positions are also open.  We use the VAFinancials VCAS system and encourage VATSIM but it isn’t a requirement.  All pilots must be 13 years of age or older.”

They can be found on the web at:

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Simulated United Scheduled for Opening On Friday – Jan 29th

Chicago, IL - Chief Executive Officer Brian Kelly today announced the Final opening date for Simulated United to be Friday, January 29th, 2010. As we have A near (5) days till opening date, Simulated United has almost completed the staff roster. We have approximately (1) opening position. The following position is the Chicago Hub Manager. In order to be considered for this position, The candidate must meet the following requirement(s);

  • 16 Years of Age
  • Have a valid E-Mail
  • Some prior experience is preferred, however not required Continue reading

Simulated United Now Hiring Hub Managers

Chicago, IL - Chief Executive Officer Brian Kelly today announced three openings for Hub Managers at Los Angeles, Chicago O?Hare, and San Francisco.  Simulated United is approximately one week from opening.

To be considered for a Hub Manager position, the following requirements must be met:

  • 16 years of age
  • Have a valid e-mail address
  • Some prior experience is preferred, however not required

The Hub Manager will be responsible for the day to day operations at the hub to include but not be limited to approving flight reports, Continue reading


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