Simulated United Re-Launches

Nearly three years after it’s launch, Simulated United is ready to come back stronger then ever. We will be introducing a new website along with a brand new acars system and forums. So what’s new?

First of all, our mission is the same, to provide pilots with a realistic experience while maintaining our philosophy that we are a family. This is critical to our VA because we want you to feel a bigger part of Simulated United then anywhere else. We still offer no test between ranks, instead, you can and freely should be able to progress in a safe and timely manner. And of course, the fact that the pilot helps the airline. No control freaks here! We want you and your ideas because after all, you run the airline.

Our biggest upcoming change is our new site. This site will be catered to the pilot providing easy access and a great layout. It will reflect the merger changes that have been going on. This head turner of a site will be the kick-off for our re-launch. (Our current site is graphically showing a pre-merger look. We still have all current flight offerings in the system based on the Fall 2012 schedule.)

Already introduced is a brand new acars system called smartCARS. This acars system is top of the line and much more catered to Simulated United then other acars programs with little to no learning curve. smartCARS has it all, from GPWS callouts, to in-flight chat, in program bids, this is our showcase piece for our re-launch. The best part is you can try it out now!

Also to be introduced will be the Dynife system. It is to hard to explain in all it’s amazingness so here is the link:

The Simulated United forums have also been totally re-designed from the bottom up. With a user friendly layout and help at every turn, you will enjoy our forums. After all, it is the heart of our family. The forum is still under construction, but it will be complete along with the site for the re-launch.

Our re-launch of course is only for Simulated United pilots to know. So why not join us for a flying experience that is truly United? You will be glad you did. For those wanting to try us out but not sure if you want to join, sign-up and tell us. We want to cater to you, the pilot. Hopefully, you continue to fly with us. Lets fly the friendly skies, those who join by our re-launch will automatically be upgraded to Second or First Officer depending on transfer hours.


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