Simulated United – A Pilot’s Airline

Did the title grab you? Whether it did or not, after being open a year and a half, that title holds true. SimUAL is in fact a pilots airline in the fact that the pilot runs the airline.  Our friendly knowledgeable staff is there to help you in your flight expeditions.  The staff is only here to keep the airline running.  (After all, someone has to pay for the site and add routes and the like.)  What you can expect is a friendly airline with close connections.  Unlike big virtual airlines which are slammed with restrictions and tests, the only requirement SimUAL has is a rank system based upon hours,  and when you move up a rank, no test.  Our airline runs on the PHP system, a web based client that supports FSAcars, kAcars, and FSPassengers.  This system also makes it easy to book flights and file them.  Most flights come with routing built in.  As a bonus, pilots are required to fly only one flight per month.  So, if you are interested, come on down to Simulated United at, take a look around and sign-up if you like.   Don’t worry, you can belong to other virtual airlines as well.  SimUAL supports FS9 and FSX for automatic filing, but any other sim can be used because manual filing is offered.  If you have any questions at all, feel free to post in this topic.  See you out there and happy flying!


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