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LAUSA AIR Lets Pilots Earn Real Cold Hard Cash

LAUSA Air has been the premier virtual airline since 2007 when it was first founded.  With Hubs on North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East providing more than 1,300 flights, LAUSA Air is to provide every pilot with a professional organized atmosphere in this tight knit community.  Our largest reward to our pilots for their dedication is providing them a chance to earn some real COLD HARD CASH.  The top pilots in hours and flights flown will be given a monetary reward at the end of the month, which no other virtual airline does in the world.  LAUSA is run by “real –life” pilots and Air Traffic Controllers in order for pilots to get an “as real as you can get” experience.  As one of the most profitable top ranking airlines we think that you will be challenged at any level with on line special events including short shuttle express hops, charters to exquisite destinations, fly-ins, and our very own air show.  So, whether you are a new virtual pilot or a master virtual aviator, LAUSA Air is here to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. Join us at and like us on Facebook

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