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Vortex Airlines – One step closer to vACARS

Vortex has announced that it is one step closer to achieving its new vACARS system in conjunction with Wingnuts Software. Today the airline announced at its new Miami Headquarters that the product has entered the alpha testing stage and is on the way to being fully operational in the next few weeks.

This is just another in a long line of major reforms the airline has undertaken in recent months. Recently it has closed its Dublin and Calgary hubs, and downsized its international freight operations. To replace these closures the airline opened its new European base at Frankfurt and furthered expansion in the Asian market with a new base at Osaka Kansai.

As always it has kept the big shakers we seen when it entered the market first with pilot’s allowed to operate a Fractional Ownership operational within the airline and also its main operations in Passenger and Freight. However there was some recent bad news when it announced the suspension of its Special Operations Division (SOD).

When talking to Co-CEO Eoin Coates he said: “This is just another of the many major steps we endeavor to take to rebuild and re-energize the airline. We hope to be launching with a complete new image in the next few months and by 2013 the airline will be radically changed so watch this space.”

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