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Canadian Xpress October 2013 Challenge – America’s Cup

Just a few weeks ago the 34th America’s Cup conclude in San Francisco. Oracle Team USA (skippered by a New Zealander) successfully defended all challengers to keep the cup on US soil for 4 more years. However, their challenger Team New Zealand, a team with less than a third of the operating budget of Team USA, took the US team to task pushing the series to its maximum of 17 races.

This month, your job is to fly the members of Team New Zealand home in style. From San Francisco (KSFO), you will load the 53 members of Team New Zealand on board the Canadian Xpress® Concorde which is available to all pilots regardless of rank, but only for the challenge for the return trip to Auckland (NZAA). The Concorde doesn’t Continue reading


Canadian Xpress September 2012 Challenge: Milk Run

The Milk Run is the bread and butter of a flight schedule for an airline. Solid standard routes are usually guaranteed contracts that always make money. These routes are the back bone of an airline and their profits is what helps keep the low income flights operating.

One of Canadian Xpress’ milk run flights is a twice daily cargo flight from Los Angeles to Toronto and is this month’s challenge.

Starting at Los Angeles (KLAX) load up your choice of Canadian Xpress Cargo Aircraft which are available to Continue reading



LAUSA Air pilots: LAUSA Air sponsor Air Medical Group has offered $50 to pilot pay as an Aeromed challenge.

The pilot with the most verified Aeromed hours [Aeromed 80-95] wins £25.

The pilot with the most verified Aeromed flights [Aeromed 80-95] wins £25.

Ops from KMCO to EGKB – Pilots must complete full mission sets and return the aircraft back to base to qualifty.. ;)

Operations Manager

Letter from Air Escort Medical Flight CEO to LAUSA Air pilots:

Dear LAUSA AIR Pilots,

My name is Joe Gonzales, CEO of Air Escort Medical Flight. My company provides worldwide medical flight and medical escort services to patients requiring medical attention during flight. This month we celebrate Continue reading


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