UASO Launch Schedule To Be Released – Full Schedule Through February 2012

Norfolk, VA- Today, the UASO Spaceflight Operations Department released to top UASO Administrators the current launch schedule pertaining to both the Constellation and Endeavour spaceflight programs.  This launch schedule is complete through February of 2012 and encompasses 26 unmanned spaceflight missions to complete the Constellation satellite program as well as four unmanned test launches and one manned mission utilizing the Saturn C-3a launch vehicle which will be used for manned missions to the moon.

The current launch schedule is subject to change, however, UASO officials are stating that once released to the public, very few changes will be made unless absolutely necessary.

Copies of the UASO launch schedule were made available publically on the UASO website on Friday March 12th.  For more information, please visit the website at


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