Malaysia Virtual Airlines Update

Since the start of MVA nearly two years ago, we have certainly grown a lot. We have added six Malaysian airlines to the VA, with all their schedules up to date. We are one of the biggest VA’s in Malaysia, and one of the biggest VA’s in South East Asia. With over 5000 pireps submitted since we started, and over 18,000 hours, and 6 million miles, we are going strong and show no sign of slowing down.

With Malaysian VACC coming soon, we will be positioned very well to expand further with new site add-ons and new aircraft, such as the mighty Airbus A380. MVA has now along with the real world counterpart started operations with the A380 on the Kuala Lumpur – London route.

We accept all new recruits, and offer them one of the friendliest VA’s on the net, and one of the best places to learn more about flying. With a dedicated team running MVA we are securing ourselves to be here for the long run. We have a TS server albeit down right now, but to return shortly, an easy to use forum, Malaysia Virtual Airlines is here for you. We will show you what MH truly means Malaysian Hospitality. To visit the site please go to

Daniel Counahan
CEO of Malaysia Virtual Airlines


Caal Airways Virtual Monthly Update for November

November was a good month and the VA is now 3 months old. Pireps were slightly down with a total of 98 which is 6 down on last month but is still a great achievement. We stayed in and around the same rank on VA Central finishing the month at 114.

December’s tour is in the USA and is hosted by Mike Bow. It looks like a very interesting tour and should be alot of fun.

Looking at the VA forums most VA’s that fail usually fail in and   around month 4 – 6 so I would ask you all to fly as much as possible to keep our VA alive. Mumbai hub was closed and Johannesburg was opened. I wish Liam our hub manager at Johannesburg the best of luck
with his hub.

Our a320′s were also released and the managers will be allocating them to Continue reading


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