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Virtual North American Space Agency…Coming This Fall

Presenting VNASA vNorth American Space Agency

Coming in late fall this new venture presented by the founders of Strategic Air Mobility Command and Pan American Virtual Lite will debut. This new project which has been under development for several month will marry MSFS FS9 & FSX with a payware product Space Shuttle Mission 2007 . We could have gone with Orbiter 2010 a freeware product but we chose the “Real as it gets” approach. Its not unusual to introduce multiple platforms within the framework of a virtual airline. This is a serious program and heavily structured. There will be jumping through hoops and saluting *grin*.

This is not a unique concept. Sim Nasa made its debut in the mid 90′s and had over 400 members in its hay day. It was recognized by both the flightsim community and real world educational institutions. It is not our intent to emulate their contribution to the flightsim community or copy their program. What we are doing is taking advantage of Space Shuttle Mission 2007 and all its features and resources to recreate the space shuttle program. You begin your career as a USN or USAF Second Lieutenant/Ensign and go through extensive training which includes multiplay in a verity airframes with one goal, to become an astronaut. Getting there is the challenge. Whether you make the cut to fly the shuttle is up to you. As mentioned, Space Shuttle Mission 2007 is a payware product. You can go through the program, go to the top and never become a shuttle pilot. You may chose just to go through the astronaut program to become eligible to be a shuttle pilot and you can make that decision as to whether you wish to invest in the space shuttle software or not.

We do have a minimum age requirement of 18 years of age. We check this via your Continue reading


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