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Virtual United Airlines Press Release for July 2013

This quarter was surely a growing phase for vUnited. We are proud to announce several improvements and additions to our strong platform ranging from an improved website to professional staff training.

We are pleased to show you the progress of the airline so let’s get started! As of now, it is safe to say we are one of the fastest growing virtual airlines in the community. Since opening three months ago, we have achieved the following in terms of members/followers:

-370 Pilots
-2889 PIREPS
-2707 Likes on Facebook
-8669 Hours flown

vUnited is also proud and thankful for our many partners which provide the support needed to keep our community running smoothly. This quarter, we rolled out several new partnerships and are continuing to reach further into the community

Our new website and ACARS client have put us one step ahead of the competitors in the community. vUnited 2.0 brings our members an innovative and original platform to make virtual aviation all the more fun and exciting! Our technology team continues to make minor updates to optimize all of our members’ experiences.

This quarter, vUnited held its second pilot survey and the results yielded much improvement. We received over 40 responses to the survey and were able to draw some conclusions on where and how we can make their experience more enjoyable. Most users are happy with the light and easy-to-use platform of v2 and are satisfied with customer service and communication. (More details below)

Looking forward to the next quarter, vUnited has even more in Continue reading


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