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Virtual ValuJet Airlines Rounds Out Staff with Hiring of Chief Pilot

With the naming of new Chief Pilot, Dan Genaw, Virtual ValuJet Airlines announces that they are no longer accepting applications for management postitions. More positions may become available in the near future.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mike Crane said “With Dan’s vast real world knowledge in both the DC-9 and E145 series of aircraft, he was the perfect fit for the Chief Pilot position.”

Mike Crane went on to say “I would personally like to thank all that applied and appreciate your interest in VVA. However, with a full staff team and an itching sense of determination, we are ready to move forward and prepare to launch for the 2009-2010 business year. Continue reading


Virtual ValuJet Airlines Names Director of Human Resources

Virtual ValuJet Airlines is proud to announce Alex Jevdic as Director of  Human Resources. Alex will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of  pilot/management interface.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mike Crane said “Alex certainly has the experience and people skills for the job. We look forward to what he will do for VVA.”


Virtual ValuJet Airlines Names Director of Flight Operations

Providence, RI – After much deliberation, Virtual Valuet Airlines is proud to announce that Aaron Harvey will be joining the airline as Director of Flight Operations.  He will supervise the day-to-day flight operations of Virtual ValuJet.

In a recent press conference, Founder & Chief Executive Oficer, Mike Crane said “The Director of Flight Operations position requires an individual who is dedicated, experienced, and highly professional. It is a position which cannot be taken lightly and we feel that Aaron will certainly do his best to keep VVA soaring onward and upward.” Continue reading


Virtual ValuJet Airlines Purchases Fleet

Providence, RIVirtual ValuJet Airlines announced today that they have recently purchased 13 McDonnell Douglas  DC-9 aircraft from various McDonnell Douglas private dealers throughout the country. 7 Embraer 145 aircraft are also on delivery to VVA headquarters in Providnece, Rhode Island from the Embraer factory. VVA executives will meet with FAA aircraft inspectors in the coming weeks in Providence. Inspectors will check all ValuJet aircraft and receive operating permits.  After the aircraft are inspected, they will be flown to a prearranged aircraft painter in Seattle, Washington for livery application.


Virtual ValuJet Airlines Hires Directors of Scheduling and Fleet Maintenence

Virtual ValuJet Airlines would like to welcome Miguel Hernandez as their new Director of Scheduling, and Jeff Stewart as Director of Fleet Maintenance.

In the recent news release VVA Founder and Chief Execuitive Officer Mike Crane said, “Miguel certainly has the drive to help VVA succeed. He is already hard at work, creating Virtual ValuJet’s route system. Congratulations Miguel, and welcome aboard!”.  

Mike then went on to say,  “Jeff Stewart has been a dear friend and mentor in the VA community for years. We are overjoyed to welcome Jeff to VVA as Director of Fleet Maintenance. Continue reading


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