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Announcing WestJet Virtual


WJ-Virtual has been opened 2 years ago. Main base is at Calgary offering two other hubs such as Vancouver and Toronto.  All Westjet’s flights in the world are available at WJ-Virtual using our own script pulling data from Flightaware database.  Flight plans can be generated by SimBrief.  We use also all aircrafts used by the real company. We are talking about 737-600, 737-700, 737-800 and also all WEN using Q400.  We would say also that the Boeing 767-300 will be officially in our fleet when it will fly in the real world!

We use a lot of great features and modules such as Random flight, Random Job, flightaware flights, SimBrief Integration and more..  Many others are coming soon.

Any virtual pilots are accepted. You just have to pass a small and easy exam to prevent SPAM.

You want to fly WestJet?, Fly WJ-VIRTUAL :)

Check WestJet Virtual out at:


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